If you have to watch your favorite sports teams from home, you can also do it in style with Oculus Go. This will not only provide you with a whole new way of getting to know your favorite teams, but will also give you the opportunity to watch them from the side of the arena without actually being there.

Now that you have your headset set up and ready to go, let’s explore your options for watching your favorite sports in VR!

Next VR

Next VR brings you all the fun of boxing, FOX sports, International Champions Cup, NBA, NFL and WWE and you can check their schedule here for all upcoming events. If you missed an event, there is no need to panic, all their videos are stored in the app for viewing at any time. All channels will offer you behind-the-scenes clips and «best» moments. To unlock all content from channels such as NBA, NFL, WWE, and FOX Sports, you need to be logged into your subscribed account to access the content.

Because you have the ability to use multiple different subscriptions within the same app, this effectively makes Next VR the preferred way to connect with your favorite sports. Whether you want to watch football, football, baseball or even dance, this app provides all services in one simplified method.

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