In computer networking, a dongle is a small device designed to connect to a computer and enable it for certain types of network connections. For example, Google Chromecast is the key.

Keys for wired networks

The Primitive Network Key supports wired networks and has a short cable with connectors on each end. Key cables are usually no longer than six inches.

Wired dongles first became popular with mainstream consumers many years ago as a way to connect PCMCIA credit card adapters on laptops to the local network. One end of the dongle fits a thin PCMCIA connector while the other end has:

  • RJ-45 connector for connection Ethernet cable .
  • RJ-11 connector for connecting to switched Internet access via telephone line.

Most modern dongles connect to computers via USB ports . USB to Ethernet adapters for example, turn on the computer without Ethernet ports to join Ethernet networks .

Keys for wireless networks

Although for wireless networks no cables required, no external devices that allow the computer to install wireless connections are still classified as keys. These devices are usually USB sticks, which should not be confused with USB sticks used for data storage. For example,

  • The USB Wi-Fi adapter allows computers to connect to local networks WiFi .
  • The USB tethering key provides mobile Internet access, allowing you to connect to the Internet via wireless networks 3G or 4G .
  • Wireless adapter Microsoft Xbox for Windows connects to your PC and allows it to communicate with Xbox Wireless Controllers for PC gaming.

How network keys work

The key contains standard physical circuits to support networks of any type. For example, USB modem dongles contain 3G/4G radios inside.

Connecting the dongle to the computer automatically starts operating system computer for its use. For example, on a Windows PC, the device driver firmware that is compatible with the dongle type is USB drivers, in the case of USB dongles, loads and supports the device. With these drivers, users can configure any settings supported by the key in the Windows user interface.

Internet keys work with televisions from various manufacturers, including LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Vizio.

Problems using network keys

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