So maybe you’ve heard of Tumblr and you’re interested in getting in on the action. After all, it is the most popular blogging platform among young people and is capable of totally skyrocketing your content in terms of eyeballs and shares if you get the social media part right.

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Sign up for a Tumblr account and access the dashboard.

Screenshot: Tumblr Dashboard

Tumblr is and platform for blogging, and social network. You can use this strictly for blogging or strictly for social networking with other users — or both of you. The power of this platform really shines when you use it as both.

When you start using Tumblr, you will probably notice a lot of similarities between it and other popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and even Instagram . While «blogging» traditionally involves writing, Tumblr is actually very visual and more about publishing short blog posts. containing Photo, animated gifs and video.

The more you use Tumblr, the more trends you can spot on the platform, giving you clues about what users like to see and share. A Tumblr post can go viral in a matter of hours, even spreading across other social networks. Imagine if you could make your posts do that!

Getting started with Tumblr is easy, but you can check out the following slides for basic tips and tricks on how to make your Tumblr presence as comfortable as possible.

Go to in a browser

Sign up for a Tumblr account for free at or even through one of the free mobile apps. All you need is an email address, password and username.

Your username will appear as the URL of your Tumblr blog, which you can access, going over on link in your preferred web browser. Here are a few tips on how to choose unique Username tumblr, which has not yet been taken.

Tumblr will ask you to verify your age and that you are human before proceeding to ask about your interests. A grid of GIFs will be displayed asking you to select the five interests you like the most.

Once you’ve tapped the five interests that help Tumblr recommend blogs for you, you’ll be taken to your Tumblr dashboard. You will also be asked to verify your account via email.

The toolbar displays a feed of the most recent posts from the blogs of the people you follow, as well as several post icons at the top so you can create your own posts. Tumblr currently supports seven post types:

  • Text messages
  • One or more photoset posts
  • Quote posts
  • Message Link
  • Chat / Conversation Messages
  • Audio posts
  • Video posts

If you’re browsing Tumblr on the web, you’ll also see a menu at the top with all your personal settings. These include your home feed, your Overview page, your mailbox, your private messages, your activity, and your account settings. These options also appear in the Tumblr mobile app at the bottom of your device screen. There are also a number of browser extensions, to help your browsing.

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Customize your blog theme and settings

Tumblr Screenshot

The great thing about Tumblr is that unlike other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you are not stuck with a standard profile layout. Your Tumblr blog themes can be as unique as you want them to be, and there are many great free and premium themes to choose from.

Like blogging platform WordPress you can install your new Tumblr blog theme with just a few clicks. Check out our review of free Tumblr themes .

To start customizing your blog and moving to a new theme, click user icon in the top menu on the toolbar, and then click blog name (under the heading «Tumblrs») in the drop-down menu, and then » Change View» in the right menu to the next page

On this page, you can set up several different components of your blog:

Mobile blog title: add a header image, profile photo, blog title, description, and colors of your choice.

Username: Change your username to a new one at any time (but remember that this will also change your blog URL). If you have your own domain name and you want it to point to your Tumblr blog, you can refer to our tutorial to set your own Tumblr URL .

Website Theme: adjust the custom settings of the current theme and see a preview or changes, and install a new one.

Encryption: turn it on if you want an extra layer of security.

Like: enable if you want other users to be able to see what posts you liked if they decide to check them out.

Following: turn it on if you want other users to be able to see the blogs you follow if they decide to check them out.

Answers: if you want users to be able to reply to your messages, you can set this setting so that everyone can reply, only users who have been on your network for at least a week can reply, or only users you follow can reply.

Ask: You can open this to invite other users to ask questions they want like you on a specific page of your blog.

Dispatch. If you want to accept posts from other users for posting on your blogs, you can enable them so that they are automatically added to your queue for approval and posting.

Message exchange. To maintain your privacy, turn it on so that only people you follow can send you messages.

Turn: adding posts to your queue automatically publishes them on a schedule that you can customize by choosing the time period for them to be published.

Facebook: You can connect your Tumblr account to your Facebook account so they will automatically post on Facebook too.

Twitter: You can connect your Tumblr account to your Twitter account to have them automatically posted to Twitter as well.

Language: if English is not your preferred language, change it here.

Timezone: setting an appropriate time zone will help streamline your message queue and other publishing activities.

Visibility. You can set your blog to only appear on the Tumblr toolbar (not online), hide it from search results, or mark it as explicit for its content.

At the very bottom of this page there is an option where you can block certain users or even completely delete your account if you wish.

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Explore Tumblr to follow the blogs you like

Tumblr Screenshot

There are many different ways to find new Tumblr blogs worth checking out. When you follow a Tumblr blog, all of its latest posts appear in your home feed, similar to how news feeds work Twitter and Facebook .

Here are some tips on how to discover other blogs.

Use the Overview page. It can be accessed at any time from the toolbar in the top menu on the web (marked with a compass icon). Or you can just go to .

Search for keywords and hashtags: if you’re interested in a particular topic, use the search feature to find posts or blogs about that specific topic.

Take a look at Tumblr suggestions: in the sidebar of their web bar, Tumblr will suggest some blogs you should follow based on who you already follow. Offers also appear from time to time when scrolling through the home page.

Find the Follow button in the top right corner of any Tumblr blog: if you come across a Tumblr blog online without first finding it in your dashboard, you’ll know it’s running on Tumblr because the Follow button is at the top. Click follow, to automatically follow it.

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Start posting content on your Tumblr blog

Screenshot of Tumblr Post

Now you can start posting on your Tumblr blog. Here are some tips on how other Tumblr users might notice your posts:

Clearly: photos, videos, and GIFs go a long way on Tumblr. Actually, Tumblr recently launched its own GIF search engine, to help users create more engaging posts.

Use tags. You can add several different tags to any post to make it more accessible to people searching for those terms. Check out our review most popular tumblr tags, to consider using in your own posts.

Use «advanced» publishing options: in text spaces and post headings, you’ll see a small plus sign icon that appears when you press your cursor in the text entry area. Click on it to open a range of media and formatting options that you can insert, including photos, videos, GIFs, horizontal lines, and read links.

Post regularly: The most active Tumblr users post several times a day. You can queue posts to be posted on a drip schedule, or even schedule them to be posted on a specific date at a specific time.

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Interact with other users and their messages

Screenshot of Tumblr Reblog

As in any social network the more you interact with other users, the more attention you will get. There are many different ways to interact on Tumblr.

Interact with individual posts

As a message: Click heart button at the bottom of any post.

Add blog entry: press the button with double arrow at the bottom of any post to automatically post it to your blog. You can also optionally add your own signature, queue it, or schedule it to be published later.

Interact with individual posts

Follow the user’s blog. Just click button « Subscribe» anywhere , where it appears, either on an existing Tumblr blog you browse online or a blog you find on your Tumblr dashboard.

Send a blog post to another user. If you can publish your post on a blog that accepts submissions, you will immediately gain access to its audience.

Submit a request to another user’s blog. Similar to publishing posts, blogs that accept, respond to, and publish their «requests» (which are questions or comments from other users) publicly can also give you insight.

Sending mail or message. You can send an incoming message (such as email) or a direct message (such as chat) to any user who allows it, depending on your privacy settings.

When you interact with other blog posts and users, they are notified in their activity tab, in their posts, and sometimes even in their Tumblr app notifications if they have them turned on.

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