How to use Oculus Touch as a Vive Tracker

HTC Vive Tracker, introduced in early 2017, promises to bring almost any real-life object (as long as it fits in your home) into virtual reality. Attach the tracker to a golf club or baseball bat and create the best impression of an athlete, or attach it to a fake weapon for real tactics in real time.

To compete with the Vive Tracker, Oculus included a mount with their Touch controllers. It’s not as exciting, but in some ways gives the same experience. Officially branded with the Rock Band VR logo, it is primarily designed to work with the plastic guitar accessories required to play. In our testing, this worked really well, and it got us thinking about what other things we could track by connecting a touch controller.

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Oculus Touch Accessory Guide

In fact, Oculus has an official Touch Accessory Guideline file that can be downloaded from their website. It contains some of the CAD files for the battery compartment, covers and mounts and the documentation that came with them.