Did you know that you can use the device Google Home with your iPhone? You’ll miss out on some Apple services, including iTunes and Siri, but you can still use voice commands and control your smart home devices.

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How to set up Google Home using iPhone or iPad

Before use smart speaker Google Home you need to set it up and pair it with your iPhone or iPad.

For the Google Home device to function, your home must be equipped with a wireless Internet network (Wi-Fi), and your iPhone / iPad must be initially connected to the same wireless network, which is the speaker.

To set up your Google Home speaker, follow these steps and click on option » Further» (located in the lower right corner of the screen) to continue after completing most of the steps:

  1. Inside the Google Home device is the speaker itself, as well as the power cable. Plug the appropriate end of the power cable into an electrical outlet and the opposite end into the speaker.

  2. The lights on the top of the speaker will flash and a computer-generated voice will ask you to download and install the Google Home mobile app on your iPhone or iPad. Using your smartphone or tablet, go to the App Store and field search enter » Google Home «.

  3. Make sure your iPhone/iPad is connected to your home Wi-Fi network and launch mobile Appendix Google Home .

  4. At the top of this app Welcome Home screen, you will see the message «1 device found» and see the related Settings icon and option. Press set up option.

    Screenshot of Google Home setup
  5. The speaker will make a sound within 10-15 seconds. On the iPhone screen, you will see a message: “Did you hear the sound?” Press option Yes, to continue.

  6. The app will then ask, «Where is this device?» Click on the name of the room, where the speaker will be stored, e.g. the Bureau , room , Den , Dining room or living room or enter a unique name for your speaker (up to 24 characters). For example, enter Google Home Living Room .

  7. Select the name of your home wireless network from the displayed list. Enter the network password when prompted.

  8. The Google Home speaker will now connect to your home’s wireless network. The lights on the speaker will flash. After completing this process, you will be prompted set up Google Assistant .

  9. In the Google Home mobile app, you’ll be prompted to give the speaker permission to access your smartphone or tablet’s features, as well as your internet connection, for full functionality. Click on the button » Yes, I’m in the game to continue.

  10. Now you need to set up your Google Home speaker to recognize your voice using the built-in feature voice match . Click » Proceed», to start this process. (Each person in your home will need to complete this process one at a time.)

  11. Follow the on-screen instructions and say «Hey Google» and «Ok Google» when prompted. Click » Proceed», to continue.

  12. Select voice your his assistant . Click on the option that matches the voice you prefer so that a checkmark appears next to it.

  13. On the screen » Allow Personal Results» Press option » Allow», to grant Google Home and your Assistant permission to access personal information on your smartphone or tablet as needed. For example, this could be information from your Contacts or Calendar app.

  14. You will also be prompted to grant Google Home access to your location (using the location function of your smartphone or tablet). Click on the button » Allow» and verify your home address.

  15. Menu screen » Add Music Services» allows you to link the streaming/on-demand music services you have an account with, such as Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, or Pandora. (Apple Music and iTunes are not compatible with Google Home.)

  16. Press icon +, associated with each respective music service, and provide your service-specific username and password when prompted. If you link multiple music services to Google Home, you’ll be prompted to choose one as the default service.

  17. If you are a Netflix subscriber, menu screen Add Your Video Services click icon +, associated with Netflix to link your account. You will need to provide the email address and password associated with your Netflix account.

  18. On the screen » Almost done» further customize the functionality of your Google homepage by adding credit/debit card information so that you can authorize online purchases using verbal commands. This feature works, for example, with food delivery services and trips. Click on each option, one at a time, and provide the information that is requested to activate or configure certain features or functions.

  19. The latest Google Home operating system update will be automatically downloaded and installed. When assistant answer? A screen will appear, check your speaker by saying «Hey Google, what time is it?» If you heard the correct answer, your Google Home speaker is now set up and working. Click » Yes», to complete the setup process.

If you’re having trouble setting up your Google Home speaker for the first time, visit the google troubleshooting website .

Talk and start using Google Home

After the initial setup of the Google Home speaker, as long as it remains powered on and connected, it will monitor the room it is in and constantly listen for the verbal command «Hey Google» or «Ok Google» after which it will wake up and listen to your question , query, or command.

Let’s say you have a compatible music service linked to your Google home page, let’s say «Hey Google, play [вставь название песни]or «Hey Google, play [вставь артиста или название группы]” and that music will start playing. You can then control the music (and volume) with verbal commands.

If you have a question, your Google Assistant has the answers. Ask questions related to the weather, sports, or the stock market, for example, or ask something like «Where’s the nearest pharmacy?»

Google is also a math genius. Just say «Hey Google, what’s [вставь вопрос или проблему по математике]». Remember that Google Home also works seamlessly with a Google Chromecast device when it comes to streaming and watching video content on your TV.

If you don’t want Google Home to continuously listen for «Hey Google» or «Ok Google», turn off the power switch located at the bottom of the speaker.

Make sure to link your compatible smart devices

If you want your Google Home speaker to be able to control compatible smart equipment in your home, you need to wirelessly connect these devices to your Google Home speaker once via the Google Home mobile app on your iPhone/iPad. If you need help, check out device-specific directions using the Google Home mobile app .

When the smart device is connected, control it with verbal commands. For example, after connecting a Philips Hue lighting system, assuming you have compatible smart bulbs installed, simply say, «Hey Google, turn on the living room lights» or «Okay Google, dim the living room lights by 50 percent.»

Philips Hue Wireless LED Lighting Starter Kit

Consider compatibility when choosing a smart speaker

Keep in mind that while the Google Home range of smart speakers work great with an iPhone or iPad, these speakers aren’t fully compatible with all Apple mobile apps and services (such as iTunes and Apple Music). ) that you can already use.

iPhone and iPad users should consider using the Apple HomePod smart speaker if you want full compatibility with Siri and all smart devices Apple HomeKit, already installed in your home. HomePod also works seamlessly with iTunes, the Music app, Apple Music, and Apple TV.

If you decide to invest in a Google Home smart speaker and plan to use it on your iPhone or iPad, you can still use verbal commands to ask questions and gather information. Your Google Home smart speaker will connect to the Internet and access content offered by Google (and related services) to get the data it needs to answer your questions or fulfill verbal requests.

To access and listen to music on demand or stream instead of using iTunes content and Apple Music, you need to use a Google Home compatible music service such as Spotify or Pandora.

Google Home also allows you to control some of the smart devices in your home, but these devices require compatibility with Google Home, not Apple HomeKit. However, you will find that compatible with popular smart products several overlaps .

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