As more of our devices connect to each other, it’s always nice to know that different products from different companies work together. Chromecast isn’t expensive, but it’s better to use your TV directly with Google Assistant.

Roku has long supported Google services like YouTube and Play Movies, but a recent update has taken it one step further: you can now use Roku with Google Assistant voice commands. This feature is currently only available in the US and Netflix support is not available.

Make sure your Roku software is up to date

Your Roku must be running Roku OS 8.1 or later to use Google Assistant. Start by turning on your Roku Smart TV, streaming stick, or streaming box. Select « Settings» left.

Next select « System» and then « System update «.

Select « Check now «.

Your Roku will say «All software is up to date» if you are running the latest software.

Otherwise, the download and installation of the latest software version will begin. When you’re done, you’re ready to pair your Roku with Google Assistant!

How to use Google Assistant with your Roku

Now that you have the latest software on your Roku, you can set it up in the Google Home app. Start by downloading and installing the Google Home app on your Android smartphone or iPhone .

Select « Add» on the Google home screen.

Select « Set up device «.

Click « Have you already set something up?

Scroll down and select « Roku «.

Login to your Roku account on the web page that opens, then click « To come in «. Select « Accept and continue «.

Select Roku you want to pair with Google Assistant . Even if you have multiple Roku devices on your account, you can only have one associated with Google Assistant. Once you’ve made your selection, click « Go to Google App «.

You will be returned to the Google Home app, where you can view the device you just added. Select « Ready «.

Speak out!

Now that your Roku device and Google Assistant are paired, you can start commanding it with your other phone or smart speaker. You can say: « Hey Google, run Hulu on my Roku» to start watching your favorite shows and say « Hey Google, listen to Pandora on my Roku «, to play your favorite music.

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