Sharing your gameplay via streaming is pretty easy, and it can be added to the PlayStation 4 if you want to stream it to Twitch. If you prefer a different service, you may have taken a look at using Elgato to make your game easier. While the initial setup to use Elgato may seem a little daunting, it’s actually quite easy to do. Just give yourself a little extra time in the first few streams and you’ll have everything you need to get done in no time.

Why use Elgato?

PlayStation 4 consoles come with some limited sharing options baked right into it. By clicking the «Share» button, you can go straight to setting up a stream with Twitch. However, now that YouTube Gaming and Beam have hit the market, there are more streaming services that you might want to take advantage of. While there are a few extra steps to follow, you can take advantage of these services by grabbing an Elgato to capture your gameplay.

Using Elgato means you can stream anywhere you have an account, and it’s easier than ever to save your streams. It requires a little more attention than just jumping into the stream, it’s easy enough to do once you get the hang of it.

How to set up a flow?