Being able to clearly hear what’s going on around you when you’re enjoying VR is the key to really immersing yourself in the experience. So it’s quite common to want to invest in an awesome pair of Bluetooth headphones so you don’t have to worry about wires getting in your way while you play. Unfortunately, Bluetooth headphones don’t work very well in VR. It’s not impossible, and we have details on how to get the best sound quality.

Hear everything

VR communication is all about being immersed in the world, and hearing clearly what’s going on around you is a huge part of that. You should be able to tell when something is creeping up next to you or hear gunshots to avoid while playing. Unfortunately, this is where the problem with Bluetooth headphones becomes apparent. This is because almost all Bluetooth headphones have problems syncing properly in VR.

This means that you could get hurt on your blind side because you didn’t hear a warning growl in time, or that watching a show on Netflix or HBO becomes difficult because the audio and video are out of sync. That’s why we really recommend that you don’t use Bluetooth headphones. So far, at least, they just don’t offer the superior sound quality you deserve while enjoying VR.

You won’t be looking in the dark for a good pair of headphones though. Just take a look at our guide to the best Google Daydream headphones.

What to look for