When you send a blind copy to someone email messages using the Mail app on Mac, that recipient’s name and address don’t appear in the email, so other recipients can’t see who else received the message. This is the point of the SC — to protect the privacy of recipients.

However, at a later stage, you may need to view the names of all the people you have sent this email to. Find the Sent Items folder in the Mail app and open the email you sent. You can find BCC recipients in the email header.

The information in this article applies to the Mail app on Macs running macOS Catalina (10.15) via OS X Lion (10.7).

It is not possible to see the names of people who have been Bcc’d on the mail you receive from other senders, only on the mail you send. A long time ago, you could access this personal information by accessing long titles email, but this vulnerability was soon fixed.

How to View Bcc Recipients of Your Sent Emails

To find out who you sent a blind copy of an email message to:

  1. Run Appendix Mail

  2. Go to folder » Sent » in the Mailboxes panel.

    Mail app on Mac
  3. Open the message you sent to BCC recipients.

    Sent email in Mac Mail app
  4. Next to the recipient line To whom located Bcc followed by an ampersand and the number of additional recipients. If there were two additional recipients of the original email, it reads and more than 2 for example. Click this link to expand the field and see other recipients.

    Extended sent email with Bcc fields

How to add a Bcc field to your outgoing emails

If you frequently send emails that contain Bcc recipients, you can add a Bcc field to the header of every new email you send automatically.

To always have a Bcc field in Mac Mail:

  1. Select Mail > Settings in the menu bar in Mail.

  2. Go to tab » View «.

    View Mac Mail Preferences Tab
  3. Near » Show message headers» select » Custom» in the drop down menu.

    Show Message Headers Menu in Mac Mail Preferences
  4. Click button + .

    Add screen title in Mail settings
  5. Type of Bcc.

    Add Screen Title in Mac Mail
  6. Click OK.

  7. close window viewing .

Every new email message you start now contains a Bcc field in addition to the usual To, Subject, and From fields.

How to manually add or remove a Bcc field

If you’d rather add the Bcc field on the fly only when you need it, or remove it when you don’t:

  1. Open a new outgoing message in the Mail app.

  2. Click the icon Select visible header fields» next to icon » Send» at the top of the post.

  3. Click Bcc address field in the drop-down menu to enable or disable the title.

    Header menu in Mac Mail

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