If you have any problems with your iPod touch the first step to fixing it is one of the easiest: restart your iPod touch. A restart, also called a reboot or reset, can fix a lot of problems. This works the same as restarting your computer. It closes running applications, clears memory and restarts the device.

Instructions in this article apply to all models iPod touch from 1st generation to 6th generation.

How to reset iPod touch

iPod touch 6th generation
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If your iPod touch is experiencing persistent application crashes he freezes or another problem may occur. Follow these steps to restart it:

  1. Press the button » Sleep mode / Wake up « (located in the top corner of iPod touch) until a slider appears on the screen. On it is written Slide to Power Off (the exact words may change in different versions of iOS).

  2. Let go button sleep/wake mode and move the slider from left to right.

  3. iPod touch turns off and a spinner appears on the screen. Then it disappears and the screen dims.

  4. When iPod touch is turned off, hold down «Mode» button Sleep / Awake» before the appearance of the Apple logo. Release the button and the device will start working normally.

How to hard reset an iPod touch

If your iPod touch is locked and you can’t use the instructions in the last section, try a hard reset (Apple calls this method forced restart but both terms refer to the same thing). This is a more extensive reset and should only be used in cases where the first version does not work.

To force restart your iPod touch, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold button » Home» (located on the front of iPod touch) and button » Sleep mode / Wake up « (above) at the same time.

  2. Keep holding the buttons after the slider appears.

  3. After a few seconds, the screen flickers on and off. At this point, a complete reset begins.

  4. After a few seconds, the screen will light up again and the Apple logo will appear.

  5. Release both buttons. The iPod touch will boot up and be ready to use.

Need to know how to reset an iPod model not covered in this article, or an iPhone or iPad? Check what to do to fix a frozen iPhone, iPad or iPod .

How to factory reset iPod touch

There is one more reset you may need: a factory reset. This reset does not fix iPod touch freezing. Instead, it deletes all data on the device and returns the iPod touch to the state it was in when it first came out of the box.

The factory settings are used when you plan sell your device and want to delete your data, or when a problem with your device is so severe that you have no choice but to start from scratch.

Read how restore ipod touch to factory settings. While this article is about the iPhone, since both devices run the same operating system, the instructions also apply to the iPod touch.

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