Every router sometimes requires a reboot when it’s wobbly. If you have an Eero Wi-Fi system, you don’t have to hunt for a plug — you can reset your Eero routers from your phone without ever leaving your couch.

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Eero recently updated their app to include this feature, which is nothing more than a normal restart on the computer — only in this case it’s for your Eero setup.

To restart your Eero device, open the Eero app on your phone and tap on one of the Eero routers you want to reboot (unfortunately, you can’t reboot them all at once with a single tap — you have to do each one individually).

Then scroll down and click «Restart Eero».

Click on «Restart Eero» again at the bottom.

Your Eero router will reboot, which will take about a minute or two.

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During this time, you may see a pop-up banner at the top of the screen indicating that there are connection problems. Don’t worry about this — this is to be expected as the router will go offline for a moment.

Return to the home screen and you will see «Eero Restart» in yellow letters at the top.

Once that text changes to «Everything looks good» in green, you’re done and your network should reconnect.

If you’re still having problems with your Eero routers and restarting the software doesn’t fix them, we recommend doing a hard reset by unplugging them from the wall, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging them back in.

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