There are many different ways to listen to music on the Amazon Echo. But if you are already a premium Spotify subscriber you can make online music streaming your default choice when it comes to playing music on Alexa.

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Open the Alexa app on your phone and press the Menu button ( How to Make Spotify the Default Music Player on Amazon Echo Menu ) and go to » Settings» > » Music and multimedia». If you haven’t connected your Spotify and Echo accounts yet, click » Link Account» on and sign in with your Spotify credentials.

Once your accounts are linked, click » Select default music services», and you can select Spotify as your default music library. This means that when you ask Alexa to play any song, it will default to Spotify. This will only work for Spotify Premium members.

How to Make Spotify Default Music Player on Amazon Echo AlexaSpotify 564x500

As for the default music stations, you can choose between Amazon Music, Pandora, and IHeartRadio. If for some reason you prefer not to link your Spotify and Amazon Echo accounts, you can always indicate that you want to listen to music on Spotify in your voice commands.

What are your favorite things to do with the Amazon Echo? Is it just a music player or is it out of scope? Let’s comment below!

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