Color Scheme Designer is a free online application for creating color schemes with little effort. The resulting color schemes can be exported in several different ways, including a simple text list, but if you use GIMP you can export it in GPL palette format.

There are several steps to translate exported color scheme into a fully stock GIMP format and then import into GIMP, but the following steps will show you the process.

Creating and exporting a GPL color palette

Before you can import a color palette into GIMP, you’ll need it. There are many ways to get the GPL color palette, but using the web generator is probably the easiest.

  1. Open a browser and go to palette . Paletton is a user-friendly website that allows you to create your own color palettes with a set of powerful tools and color swatches. You can also use it to export to various formats.

  2. Once you’re there, use the tools to create your color palette.

    Color scheme generation on palette
  3. When you’re ready, choose Tables / Export in the lower right corner of the main Paletton table.

  4. Paletton will open a new modal window with your colors displayed in a grid. Right select Color samples . Then select like GPL (Gimp) .

    Screenshot of Paletton with the Export as GPL option highlighted
  5. A new tab will open in your browser with a simple text file. This is your GIMP palette. Select and copy everything on the tab.

    Palette-generated GPL color palette
  6. Back on your computer, create a new text file anywhere. Paste the palette into it and save the file with expansion .gpl .

Import a Palette into GIMP

Now that you’ve created and customized the GIMP .gpl color palette, you can easily import the color palette to start working with it.

  1. If you haven’t already, open GIMP.

  2. From the top menu select » Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Palettes to open the Palette Options in GIMP.

    GIMP screenshot with the Palettes command highlighted in the Dockable Dialogues menu
  3. Now right click in dialog box » Palettes ‘ and select ‘ Import Palette…” in the menu that appears.

    Screenshot of the GIMP palette menu with Import Palette highlighted
  4. GIMP will open a new window for you to control your imports. Select palette file .

    Screenshot of GIMP New Palette Import window with Palette File option highlighted
  5. Click anywhere in the field next to palette file, to open the file browser. Find and discover your file .gpl .

  6. Your file will be uploaded to window import . Adjust any other options and click » Import» at the bottom.

    GIMP Screenshot
  7. You should now see the new palette in the dialog list.

    Screenshot of GIMP with custom palette selected

Using the new color palette

You are ready to start using your color palette. GIMP makes it easy to access colors stored in palettes. Here’s how:

  1. Find and double-click your palette in the dialog box.

  2. Another new dialog will open next to palette . it palette editor . Select it if it didn’t switch automatically.

  3. Select a color from the palette, and turn your attention over to your Foreground color. It will automatically change to whichever color you choose from the palette. Switch the foreground and background colors to assign both from the palette.

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