You see, sometimes there is a method to my madness! Being a little stupid and bought on sunday Appendix cr v and the $200 Vuvuzela app on the Google Play Store (see the video above), I decided to kiss that money on parting . I don’t remember that you can easily get a refund on the Google Play store within 15 minutes of purchase by simply going back to the app and clicking the » Return» . D’oh! By the time Phil reminded me of this later, the hours had passed, so we both decided I was out of luck.

It turns out that this is not so. While the 15-minute refund is a hassle-free, no-questions-asked return policy, you can actually request a refund outside of the 15-minute time window. As I type this, it’s been almost 30 hours since I bought the Vuvuzela app and I just requested a refund and it was issued to me within minutes. I’m sure many of you are already familiar with this process, but for those who don’t continue reading the details!

fine print

Section 3.4 of the Android Developer Distribution Agreement allows Google to provide refunds for apps that cannot be viewed within 48 hours of purchase:

3.4. Special return conditions. Payment Processor’s standard terms and conditions for refunds will apply, except for the following terms, which apply when you distribute Products in the Marketplace.

Products that can be previewed by the buyer (such as ringtones and wallpapers): no return required or allowed.

Products that cannot be previewed by the buyer (such as apps): You authorize Google to provide the buyer with a full refund of the product price if the buyer requests a refund within 48 hours of purchase.

Therefore, in accordance with the rules of participation, the return of the application can be obtained. Now here’s how to request it.

Getting an App Return

1. Go to your Google Play account page. After signing in, the URL is