Imagine that you are working in the field of design on USS Enterprise . Three Klingon Birds of Prey are watching you. Captain Kirk gives you the order to transfer force to the shields because the torpedoes are coming in. You mentally command your hands to move quickly across the console, but for some reason you seem to be trapped in Pakled’s body. Instead of quick movements, your hands slowly crawl. You sweat when you feel like everyone is looking at you and your heart is racing, but nothing you do can make your body move faster. Just as your hand finally got close to the buttons that could have saved the day, the photon torpedoes hit » Enterprise» which disintegrated in a fiery explosion.

Sounds like a bad time? Next, you need to make sure you try these tips for dealing with lag and controller drift in Star Trek: Bridge Crew, so when the red horn blares, you’re ready to save the day!

Diagnose the real system