Chrome 78 has a new trick up its sleeve. It can force dark mode on every website you visit, putting an end to the blinding white background on your beautiful dark desktop.

Update : As of Chrome OS 78, this flag seems to cause serious problems on Chrome OS. Don’t try this if you’re using a Chromebook or if you need to restart Chrome OS later.

It’s a brute force solution

Google Chrome already has a built-in dark mode. Sites can automatically switch to dark mode if you use it, as long as the site supports it. But most websites don’t have automatic dark mode or any kind of dark mode.

Instead of waiting for millions of websites to go dark mode, Chrome’s new «Force Dark Mode for Web Contents» setting will turn all those bright websites dark. It’s a bit like using «Smart Invert» on an iPhone — light colors will become bright, but images will remain at rest.

It’s a brute-force solution and won’t be as appealing as waiting for websites to include shiny new dark themes. But everywhere the internet will go dark. Previously, you could download and install browser extensions that automatically disabled light websites. Now it’s built into Chrome.

Google Chrome activates dark mode on the How-To Geek homepage.

Enabling this setting will not enable dark mode in Chrome — you need to enable the operating system-wide dark mode setting for this to work. For example, on Windows 10, go to Settings > Personalization > Colors and select Dark under Select Default App Mode. On macOS, activate Dark Mode in System Preferences > General.

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How to force dark mode on all websites

Would you like to taste it? This option is available as a hidden flag in Chrome 78. Like all flags, this is an experimental option that can be changed or removed at any time. One day, it may navigate to the desired option on the Chrome settings screen or disappear completely.

To find it, type «chrome://flags» in the Chrome omnibox and press Enter.

Search for «Dark Mode» in the search box at the top of the experiments page that appears.

Search for the

Check the box to the right of «Force dark mode for web content» and select «Enabled» for the default setting.

Enable forced dark mode for a site in Chrome experiments.

Click Restart to restart Chrome. Chrome will close and relaunch all of your open web pages. Be sure to save any content on these pages, such as those you have typed in the text boxes, before restarting your browser.

Restarting Chrome after enabling the flag.

Browse and see how it works. If you don’t like it, go back to the Chrome experiments screen, change this setting to «Default» and restart your browser. After disabling this option, Chrome will no longer associate with website colors.

You can also try other Force Dark Mode options. Different modes give different results on web pages. Some of them even invert light images, making them dark. Of course, this will make the images look different, but it can be handy if you want a permanently dark desktop.

Don’t feel obligated to use dark mode if you don’t like it. Dark mode is trendy, but it really can’t be better for you. Regardless, we love the dark mode anyway.

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