You’ve been bitten by a bug in retro games. Emulators, a reissue of retro hardware that you can fit in your hand, you’ve got it all. You probably also bought a retro t-shirt.

But something is wrong; the authenticity of a physical classic slot machine with all its flaws and flaws. So you’ve taken your old game console out of the basement; you may have bought an old 8-bit computer on eBay.

It’s a great idea, but it’s unlikely to go according to plan. Old equipment cannot work as before. Here’s what you need to do before turning on old slot machines.

Why original retro equipment breaks

You looked after him, kept your old consoles and home computers in plastic boxes, even plastic packaging. But time is not on your side. Except in a vacuum, light-free environment, it’s unlikely that original retro hardware will still be working 20 to 40 years after it was released. The older the mechanism, the less likely it is to perform as intended—if at all.

Make sure your old Nintendo is working before downloading the game

Dust can cause problems when loading and operating equipment. Likewise, the components inside the case were simply not designed to last more than a few years. Controllers can break, and TV modulators will simply fail.

If you’re in the mood to revive some original gaming hardware, be prepared for a little maintenance first.

Clean your old game console first

Dust gets in everywhere. We looked at how dust affects modern computer systems. and if you think it’s bad, think how much worse it must have been in the past. When dust clogs the system, heat traps inside, and the warmer a computer or console gets, the slower it gets. It is a good idea to install a powerful vacuum cleaner in all the openings of the old play equipment.

Old equipment can also get dirty. An old computer with a keyboard is probably full of crumbs and grease from fingers. A damp cloth should suffice for this, but any cleaning cloth can also help.

Plastic changes color over time too. ABS plastic is particularly prone to discoloration, but you can reverse this with Retr0brite.

Check the operation of the motherboard and components

Hardware failures for retro gaming systems usually occur on the motherboard. This may be due to the small creature having a home in the console, or due to components going through a useful life. Chips can burn out, TV modulators simply fail, and some components can leak.

Take the Commodore Amiga for example. Various models and expansion components have batteries and capacitors that can leak over time. The result is not only that the leak needs to be cleaned up; capacitors need to be replaced. This is not an easy job.

To check for these issues, you will have to open a console or computer. Before doing this, make sure the power supply is not plugged into an electrical outlet and take anti-static precautions. before continuing. A multimeter can also help here, allowing you to check the correct connection of the components.

In the case of handheld consoles, battery drain can be a big problem. Fortunately, in most cases blue-green corrosion can be removed using white vinegar and an old toothbrush. Wash it with isopropyl alcohol, then dry. If the motherboard is corroded, add a gentle action with high quality sandpaper to the mixture.

Check and replace the power supply

Power supplies are a serious disadvantage for older computers and consoles. Fuses, poor ventilation, and circuits that are not rated for 40 years can cause the power supply to fail.

If the power supply is an external device, this shouldn’t be a big problem. Various vendors provide power supplies for retro gamers designed according to the original power specification. The advantage is that these devices are also built to the latest safety standards and with state-of-the-art components — built to last.

But how do you test an old computer or console power supply?

Check C64 power supply before switching on

Well, you can just try to turn it on with your computer connected, but that might break the circuit. Alternatively, you can use a multimeter to test the power supply, but this will require you to open it, which is not safe — there is a risk of electric shock.

Thus, a reasonable option would be to simply buy a spare power supply. You should find it on eBay or try one of the many retro shops that have popped up on the internet.

It’s also worth checking the power cables that connect the power supply to your console. Problems here will also require replacement.

Confirm the operation of the controllers

You won’t be able to do much with your old console if the controllers don’t work. In many cases, game controllers go through «years of storage» so you might be in luck. The only way to test the controllers is to plug them into the console and see if they work. Some controllers have a power indicator LED, which is useful, but certainly not a guarantee of full functionality.

Retro game controllers need cleaning.

Like a console or computer, controllers accumulate dirt. Mix sweat and muck to create a harsh substance that will need to be cleansed. It’s the same as clogging an old-fashioned ball mouse that requires a toothpick to clean, as well as a Q-tip or a cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

Again, replacements can be obtained. You can choose original equipment from sellers on eBay or local flea markets. Alternatively, consider using modern replacements. They can often be connected to classic hardware either directly or with an adapter.

For computers such as the Apple II or Commodore 64, there is the additional issue of built-in keyboards. If they don’t work, then downloading games could be a problem. The answer is usually to replace the keyboard with a working replacement from another system. However, if you’re lucky, you might find a retro hobbyist who can make replacement components like keyboards.

Repair of broken retro play equipment

Looking to refurbish your old play equipment?

You’ll find a wealth of information online for just about every system, from 1970s gaming cabinets (Space Invaders, Defender, etc.) all the way to the Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation, and more.

Each of these systems has its own community of experts, so you can find the help you need.

If you want your old hardware to work again, it will take time. So use this time wisely by investigating problems, fixing them, and making the right decisions. Don’t under-solder parts of your soldering skills (or learn how to solder how to solder). Deliver new components instead of relying on old ones.

Cherish old retro play equipment

Whether you’re using older consoles or PCs, you should take the time to make sure they work as intended. Remember:

Make repairs to your retro equipment wherever you can. Replace chips if necessary. Leave soldering to an expert if you lack experience.

Not ready to fix your retro hardware but want to start retro gaming? Here’s how to start retro gaming with Raspberry Pi

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