While we love our Sonos player for its great functionality and ease of use on a variety of devices, unfortunately it lacks an official Apple Watch app that could really help.

As we found out, Sonos is really easy to install on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. Similarly, you can add many streaming services to complete your music listening experience.

However, when it comes to the Apple Watch, you need to look elsewhere to join the Sonos party. ZonePlay is an unofficial Sonos app that runs on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. At $3.99, it’s actually not bad, and being able to control your Sonos player from your wrist is well worth the price.

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ZonePlay can be purchased from the App Store.

Using the app, you can see and stream music to your «zones,» which are just your Sonos players and the rooms they’re associated with. In our case, we have one player in the office, so this is our only zone.

If you click the Music button at the bottom of the app, you can switch between Favorites, Playlists, Library (as shown below in the Albums view), and TuneIn Radio.

On the Watch side, you’ll get your own ZonePlay app, shown below (circled in red).

ZonePlay has been cut down considerably, only being able to play music that has been approved in the Sonos apps.

However, everything you have in your favorites is easily controlled using the ZonePlay Watch app.

When you select something to play, you will be presented with several options. If you want to play something after your current selection, you can choose to play the next one, or add it to the queue to play at a certain moment, after all, depending on how big your queue is.

Finally, when you’re playing something, you can pause/play, skip forward or backward, and change the volume.

Please note that you are not limited to playing favorites in the Watch app. Whatever you play on the Sonos app…

Will also play on the ZonePlay iOS app.

And thus, it can also be controlled from the Watch app.

So, if you’ve set up a fairly large queue on your desktop or on your iPhone or iPad, you can navigate around the house with just your watch and control playback from your wrist.

Until Sonos releases an official Apple Watch app (if they ever do), ZonePlay will do its thing. Luckily, this works very well with zero configuration and effort. It’s a little unfortunate that you can only access select music files and not your entire music collection, but given the watch’s small interface and the large size of some collections, that’s probably not a bad thing.

That you can control everything once it’s launched on the desktop or mobile app, including local and streaming music playback, is also a huge plus. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to control your Sonos player with your Apple Watch, you might want to give ZonePlay a try.

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