VR Backpack

Whether you’re recovering from a Summer Sale hangover or desperate for something new to keep your kids entertained while you pick out a good vacation schedule, there’s a lot going on in the VR world right now. New apps and games are released almost daily, and keeping up with that is a lot of work.

To lend a helping hand, we’ve put together a small list of fun things we’re playing this week, so you have something to take a quick look at while you sort through the rest of your week in the real world.

HTC Vive

The castle should be mine

The best thing about tower defense games is being able to watch the entire board and plan your next move. Are you smarter than the next wave of enemies? It’s always interesting to find a way to an answer» Yes» .

Tower Defense games take on a whole new dimension of fun in VR, and Castle Must Be Mine is a perfect example of how that works. The game itself is on a virtual table, almost like a tower defense board game. This allows you to see the entire map on the table and reach around to plan every attack.

It’s tons of fun and this game does a better job of streaming tower defense games in VR than most!

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Oculus Rift

Rock Band VR