PlayStation VR 3D Blu-ray

Sony has added a feature to the PlayStation VR setup that you’ll either use whenever you get a chance, or not right away, depending on how you watch movies. The latest update adds the ability to watch 3D Blu-ray movies through the headset without additional settings or features. You simply insert a disc, put on your headset, and 3D effects start immediately. As long as you don’t watch a movie yourself and don’t use the headset for 90-120 minutes, this is a great opportunity.

It also works quite well considering you’re using PlayStation VR Cinematic mode to watch a movie on a 1080p display and don’t actually use all the pixels to begin with. But a lot of that experience depends on how your current PSVR settings are applied. If your goal is to truly enjoy this experience, you’ll probably want to change some of the settings.

Before you start

The first thing you need to watch 3D Blu-ray on PlayStation VR is a real 3D Blu-ray. This new feature does not add 3D effects to existing Blu-rays that do not yet offer 3D on disc. Check out the packaging for the 3D Blu-ray logo before you try it.

Playing 3D Blu-rays with PlayStation VR only works if both the system and the headset have been updated to the latest. You want to update your PlayStation 4 to system version 4.5 and your PlayStation VR to system version 2.5.

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Next comes the positioning of the headset. It’s usually very important to make sure your PSVR is properly positioned on your head, but when watching 3D Blu-Rays this is very important. If the image is shifted too far in either direction due to incorrect placement of lenses in front of the eyes, the 3D effect can quickly become disorienting. Make sure you are seated and your headset is set up correctly.

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