With the latest information from AT&T regarding the 8107 update (specifically that they don’t plan to offer it) and the news that the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S will reportedly be discontinued soon, the forced OS update issue has been brought up. as an alternative.

Indeed, there is a relatively easy way to force any Windows Phone to 8107 in about 15 minutes (after you get all the files you need in place), and in fact, we just did it with our Samsung Focus S, mainly because we have shit-ton windows phones here and might take a chance.

We’re assuming you don’t have additional phones and therefore we can’t confirm this because:

  1. You can «upgrade» your phone, which means you’ll increase your chances of future updates ( if will they ever happen, hmm)
  2. It’s a little stressful
  3. You shouldn’t have done this amirite ?

Having said that, if you still want to go down this path, we can say that it works, and if you follow the instructions to the letter, you will have 8107 on your Windows Phone (you simply will not have any «tweaked» OEM firmware go with him).

Once again, we must emphasize that we do not support this method and we would rather AT&T just release an update. If you mess up your phone, it’s all on you.

So, against our best judgment (and Raphael’s wrath), we are going to publish our tutorial on the subject. Read on if you dare…

force update

What will you need

[ Обратите внимание: в этом руководстве предполагается, что вы работаете с операционной системой сборки 7720 ] The first thing you need to do is download the necessary files, these are:

  • WP7 Update Cab Sender
  • 7740 update cab file
  • 8107 update cab file
  • Language packs (see below)
  • Additionally: WPSupport X86 or x64 tool (for those with COM issues or errors)

You will also need a computer, the latest version of Zune Desktop, and a micro USB cable.

We use the official Microsoft tool to back up phone data and then send OS updates (as CAB files) directly to the device. Language packs are 100% required and vary from device type to device type.

WP Central

We can’t stress this enough: setting up languages ​​properly is key to this process — you’ll have problems if you have too many or too few language packs (see previous problems with this method). On our Focus S, we had to install all 22 language packs, which, yes, was a problem because we had to download them all individually. If you have more than 22 language packs on your phone, DO NOT do this update and stop here .

Update: on AT&T HTC TITAN only English (US) is installed, so this the only one required language pack. ATTENTION & Samsung Focus S needs everything 22.