With the release of several high-end VR headsets, hardware manufacturers are starting to look for the «next big thing» in VR. While wireless virtual reality and improved visual fidelity require significant investment, various new technologies are emerging that promise to create a more immersive experience. Advanced tracking is one area of ​​interest in an attempt to further close the gap between your physical body and the virtual world.

Eye tracking looks to be one of the more interesting technologies, potentially offering a huge leap in immersion and performance. With companies like «FOVE» taking orders for a VR headset with full eye tracking, we’re already starting to see smaller companies pushing for technology. But what if you could use eye tracking on your existing VR hardware?

Updated June 7, 2017. We’ve updated this guide with details on Tobii’s eye tracking, which promises a similar but integrated solution for the HTC Vive.

Enter aGlass

With FOVE still a few months away from the release of the first version of the headset, a new Chinese startup, 7invensun, has begun to draw attention to eye tracking again. With its new product ‘aGlass’, the company is gearing up to offer a third-party eye tracking module for all existing HTC Vive headsets.