Good shooters in VR are hard to come by for several reasons. First, if you don’t have motion controllers, they usually aren’t that exciting. Secondly, running around in virtual reality with fewer options is usually a good way to get sick. Most of the time, you’ll find stationary shooters in mobile VR, and while it’s fun for a while, it’s usually pretty repetitive. The guys at Pixel Toys have just released their answer to this lack of zombie shooter experience with more than enough immersion to keep you busy for a while. It’s called Drop Dead, and based on our early development, you’ll probably want to install it on your Gear VR right now.

Drop Dead is all it takes to improve the quality of FPS in mobile VR, and so far that mission has been accomplished.

You are the last agent on the planet capable of destroying the evil, crazy doctor who continues to resurrect people into zombies to take over the world. With an arsenal of weapons provided by your team and the promise that when you die they will keep bringing you back in non-zombie form while traveling through time, you will be on your way to save the world! The story is fun and simple, with no shortage of one-liners designed to make you laugh and keep you playing for a few more minutes.

Drop Dead is basically a shooter on rails, but you navigate through a lot of different environments with a comfortable zombie-tracking headset and so much firepower. You can play with both trackpad and gamepad because the gun floats next to the HUD and offers an aiming system to make killing zombies easier. Instead of focusing on jump scares — they still exist, but that’s not the focus — Drop Dead is all about getting the highest possible score through headshots, stunt kills, and bullet-style escape sequences. You fight your way to the end, and if you run into a grenade or two along the way, it won’t hurt.