Do you really need a PS4 for PlayStation VR?

The PlayStation VR is a great headset with an extensive library of games with some standout characters that are really worth the money. However, just because a title has a PlayStation doesn’t mean you need a PlayStation 4 to use it.

To indulge your curiosity and help some of you decide whether or not you should buy a PSVR on your own, we explain how PSVR works and how to use it without a PlayStation 4.

PSVR in all its glory.

Current state of PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR holds the title of the most comfortable head-mounted display in our opinion, thanks to a halogen headset mount that allows the front display to dangle rather than clip onto your face. The display inside also has the least screen door effect thanks to more subpixels than the Vive and Rift.

PSVR Specifications