When I stumble upon the place where I will build my city, there is nothing special here. One settler and a dead dinosaur, surrounded by forests and bushes that bear fruit. I think calling it inhospitable would be a bit of an understatement. But other than the lack of…well…nothing, this is a good place to start. I send a settler to start chopping down trees for the wood we’ll need for construction, and I collect the dinosaur for the meat he can give us. Soon there is a food warehouse and a timber warehouse.

I’m the mayor here, and soon this will be my city. This is Dino Frontier.

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Build your city

It’s true that when you first arrive at Dino Frontier, almost nothing is being built there. It’s an enchanting landscape filled with roaming dinosaurs, trees you can cut down for firewood needed to build buildings, and items you can collect to feed a growing city. From the first moment you set foot here, you are absolutely responsible for everything that happens. The first thing you need to do is start building.

To feed your people, create new buildings and heal wounds, you will need special buildings. Namely: a food warehouse, a timber warehouse and a clinic. Realistically though, this is just the beginning. As you level up and attract new settlers to your city, you’ll need to expand your buildings to keep everyone safe, sane, and well fed. By completing various buildings and tasks, you gain experience that increases your level.

You want to be careful where you place everything, or you might start running out of land.

As you progress through the level, you will gain access to new buildings, more settlers, and a larger piece of land that your city will grow into. Planning ahead is key because the game allows you to decide where to place each building. Initially, it doesn’t really matter because you’re just trying to survive. However, going forward you need to be careful where you place everything, or you may start running out of land for new structures.

One of the fun parts of building new structures for your city is the fact that your settlers don’t have a say in it. They will continue to complete their tasks when a giant hammer appears next to the structure. You will need to pick it up and hammer it until the new building is complete. It’s such a small, silly feature, but it added a layer of fun and feeling like you’re part of a city rather than just an all-powerful ruler.

Micromanage everything