Sites family history and genealogy very popular online. People from all walks of life want to know where their families came from and who was important in their family history. Many people are also looking for other people who are distantly related to them.

If you’ve ever wanted to create one of these sites for your family, now is your chance. With the help of tips and tutorials that we have created and put together for you, you can also create your own website.


If you have never built a website before, you may need to first explore HTML basics and web design. Find the HTML 101 course first to learn the basics.

When you’re done learning HTML, learn web design basics . Find out what you need for a successful website. You will even learn how to create your site without knowing HTML using some of the online tools offered by some hosting providers.

What to include

Every family is different and every family story is different. That’s why you should include some information about your family and their history on your website. If you have photos of your family and/or your ancestors, include those too. Tell a little about each family member so people coming to your site know more than just their names.

If you’ve created a family tree, add it to your site. Then tell us what information you are looking for. Are you looking for more information about your family history? Other people who are related to your ancestors? Or maybe you want to create a family directory. Either way, you need to tell people what your site is and what you need to make it better.

Web space and software

You will need a place to host your website. To do this, you need to register with a hosting provider. Some of them, such as Google Page Creator there are templates , specially designed for web development genealogy site. If you use them, you don’t need to know HTML.

Creating your family tree can be done with the help of genealogy software. These programs can be online or downloaded to your computer. Some of them will even help you transfer your family tree from your computer to your website.

Graphic arts

Once you have your site written, you will be ready to make it look good. To do this, you can add genealogical pictures. You can find graphics made for these types of sites, including backgrounds, borders, dividers, wills, tombstones, parchment charts, and more. In addition to this type of pictures, you can also find other types of free graphics to create a special feel or theme for your website.

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