When shopping for the best speakers for your car, there are a few important things to consider. First, is it worth using component or full range (coaxial) speakers . It depends on your budget and concern for sound quality. Component speakers sound better and cost more. Second, look at the features and functions that are unique to each sound system. Here are the most important details to consider.

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Component vs Coax

Component speakers provide better sound but cost more. Full range or coaxial speakers are cheaper and easier to install because you can usually find aftermarket parts that are direct replacements for OEM units.

If a sound quality is the most important factor for you, purchase component speakers. If your budget doesn’t allow it, many full range speakers provide great sound. Full range speakers are also the best option if you’re planning on independent installation and you have little experience.

Size and configuration of the new car speaker

Before buying new speakers, find out which speakers you will be replacing. One option is to remove existing speakers and measure them. If that doesn’t work, many shops that sell speakers can look up the size and configuration of the speakers installed in your car.

If your car or truck came from the factory with full-range speakers and you plan to replace those speakers with new full-range speakers, it is especially important to know the size and configuration. In most cases, you will be able buy new speakers which you can plug into existing speaker outlets.

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The speakers must be able to withstand the load head device or an external amplifier. Driven power is the amount of power (measured in watts) that the speakers can deliver without distortion. The most common measurement is RMS.

When looking at speakers, pay more attention to RMS power than peak power. While the latter refers to how much continuous power a speaker system can handle, peak refers to the maximum power a speaker can deliver in short bursts.

If you also buy new head unit you’ll have more room to make sure your power levels don’t exceed what your generator can provide.

Car speaker sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to how much power the speakers need to produce a certain volume level. Speakers with higher sensitivity require less power. If you have an anemic factory stereo, get high sensitivity speakers. On the other hand, speakers with low sensitivity work fine with powerful external amplifiers.

To determine the correct level of sensitivity for your system, find out how much power is consumed by the head unit and external amplifier.

Build quality car speaker

Many OEM speakers are made from relatively poor quality materials that degrade over time. Upgrading just the speakers can provide superior sound quality even if you leave everything else alone. Your investment will last longer if you are looking for speakers that are made from high quality materials.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to build quality:

Filling Your Sound System

Building a car audio system can be a daunting task, but the finished product is almost always worth the effort. When choosing great speakers, also consider the following:

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