If you have spent a lot of time in Play Store If you’re looking for apps and games, chances are you’ve already heard of Sideload VR. Not only does this app allow you to download and play third party apps, but it also has a small app and game store for you to check out. We’ve spent some time looking for the best of the best and we’ve compiled them for you here!


If you’ve ever wanted to play Quake in VR, then QuakeGVR is the app you should try. This includes a shareware version of Quake, although if you have the full version you can download it to your phone to play.

Of course, given the fast paced action, this is definitely a game where you’ll need a gamepad to stay on top of the chaos. There is also more content that will be unfamiliar to longtime fans of the game. You can play additional mission packs and custom multiplayer maps for a new challenge.

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While a new Doom game is coming later in 2017, it’s the original flesh-ripping, enemy-exploding, pure Doom madness, all the while in VR. Once again, if you have a full game of Doom or Doom 2, if you copy these files to your phone, you will be able to play the entire game.

This is also a game where you will definitely need a gamepad if you want to survive. Of course, this is not a perfect game, namely, there are some problems in virtual reality when looking up and down. If you want to clean up a space station descending into hell, DGVR will help you get rid of that itch.

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