Google Assistant includes many useful voice commands, but then so does Google Now. The Assistant stands out by incorporating some of the fun stuff that Google is usually famous for. These are some of the funniest and most interesting features you can find with Google Assistant on your phone, smartwatch, or Google Home.

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To play any of these games, you’ll need Google Assistant, which isn’t available everywhere. You’ll need Android 6.0 or higher on phones, Android Wear 2.0 on smartwatches, or Google Home. Google Assistant also works a little differently depending on what device you’re using, so we’ll note where these games work and don’t work.

Play the I’m Feeling Lucky Quiz Game Show

Platforms: phones, Google Home
Phrase activation: «I’m Feeling Lucky» or «Play Trivia»

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Google’s trademark «I’m Feeling Lucky» button may be completely meaningless as instant search results eliminate the need to click anything, but the phrase has found a new home. Tell Google Assistant, «I feel lucky,» and you’ll start a quiz with an old-school announcer’s voice. You and a few friends can take turns playing trivia questions while Google gives you fun nicknames like Bubbles or Cupcake.

Answer your burning questions with the Crystal Ball

Platform: phones, Google Home
Phrase activation: «Crystal ball»

If you’ve ever played Magic 8-Ball, you can guess how this would work. Start the Crystal Ball game with Google by saying «crystal ball» and the Assistant will tell you to ask him a question like «Will the new Thor movie be the best Marvel movie of all time?» Google will then respond by giving you the answer. e.g. «Of course». The answers are randomized…or predetermined and always accurate, depending on what belief you want to express in Google.

Play Mad Libs game

Platform: phones, Google Home
Phrase activation: «Crazy Liberties»

Anyone who went on a trip before the advent of handheld games or smartphones will remember playing Mad Libs. For all those new to the world, Mad Libs is a game where you provide a specific type of word, such as «noun» or «verb». Then someone else fills in those words in the story. The result is about 30 seconds of light-hearted fun before you return to the question of how long until the next stop. Google Assistant makes it easy to play by filling in all the gaps without letting anyone see the story beforehand. As an added bonus, Google’s voice messages occasionally lead to the wrong answer (especially if you’re giggling during the conversation), and misinterpretations can be even funnier than your actual sentences.

Relax with an ambient noise generator

Platform: Google Home
Phrase activation: «Help Me Relax»

While it’s not technically a game, this little Google Home feature is soothing enough to become a common fixture. Just say «Ok Google, help me relax» to get a random stream of ambient noise — like the sound of the ocean or a crackling fireplace — over the next hour. You can also ask for a specific sound if you have a favorite. According to Google, you can ask for the following sounds:

By default, these sounds play for an hour, but you can customize how long they play. For example, you might say, «Ok Google, play running water for two hours.» You can also ask «Ok Google, play ambient noise for two hours» to get random noise for as long as you like.

Curiously, the ambient noise generator only works in Google Home. If you make the same Google Assistant request on your phone or watch, Google will search for that ambient noise you requested on your preferred music streaming service. Of course, there are albums with nature sounds on Spotify or Play Music too. So the effect will be about the same, but Google’s own external noise generator is exclusive to Google Home.

Play with lots of mini games

Google is constantly adding new Easter eggs and fun touches to its products, so it’s no surprise that Google Assistant has a bunch more hidden ones. Here are some of the funniest things you can say to Google that aren’t really full games, but are still enjoyable (or even slightly useful).

Of course, Google isn’t replacing your Xbox or Nintendo Switch anytime soon. However, it’s good for a little light-hearted fun from time to time. Whether you’re bored in the car or just want to show off your Google Home when you have guests, these games can be a great way out of the monotony.

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