Early access games give players the opportunity to try games that are not yet polished or ready for mainstream consumption. You may have seen them on Steam without realizing there’s a whole category available to play on Gear VR. There are over a dozen different games and events for you to watch, and we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Best of all, every game we talk about here is available at a low, low cost for free.


Your goal is to save the Ohana flower from the bees that are trying to attack her. You play as a fairy who shoots those treacherous bees with a bubble gun. The game is pretty short so far, and if you can defend Ohana for 80 seconds, you might be able to win. When you shoot down the bees, you can get power-ups that will make your bubbles more effective in a variety of ways.

You will also see Ohana getting bigger as you keep protecting her. Shoot down the bees, keep an eye on them because your bubble gun will automatically fire ammo You will also be able to move around to better shoot at the bees by swiping the touchpad to move Ohana. Although this game is very short so far, it promises a lot of interesting things, and it is very interesting to try it.

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Dream flight