Halloween is just around the corner and for those tech-savvy, there have never been so many options. It’s easier than ever to turn your entire home into a fully integrated horror box. and anyone with a little know-how can make fully customizable surprises, for trick or treatment.

What if you have a limited budget? Well, there are ways technology can help. along with plenty of ways to get creative and spooky this Halloween! In this article, we’ll cover some cool lighting projects. under $5 .

1. Creepy glowing eyes

Let’s start with our own basic electronics project. A minimum number of parts are required and soldering is easy enough for beginners as well. The result can be hidden in bushes or a dark window to have the effect of a pair of creepy red glowing eyes staring at you!

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

The total cost of parts for this simple build is $2.22 bringing this first «craft» decoration under the $5 mark. We’ll also cover how to heat shrink the components, adding basic weather protection to the project, making it the perfect outdoor prop to make your guests feel like they’re being watched!

And don’t worry if you’ve never soldered before because we have a handy soldering guide. !

2. Eye Fairy Lights

Sticking with the theme of the eyes, this time those eyes aren’t looking at you from the dark — they’re looking at you in the light! This quick and tricky build from landeeseelandeedo.com is perfect for kids, using ping pong balls and dollar store lights to create a chain of eyeballs!

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

This build is perfect for less experienced family members, and if you feel like a little more, you can always create your own fairy lights from scratch.

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

3. LED mini mouse

A few years ago, this adorable video of a toddler in her LED mini mouse costume became incredible. It’s easy to see why!

Father of Glowy Zoey (known by the moniker YouTube Visual Burrito ) has created a new video describing the process he used to create the costume. It uses LED strips SMD 5050 along with a battery pack attached to black clothing, creating a smooth outline effect. As mentioned in the video, you can choose one color and keep it simple, or connect an LED controller (which comes with most LED strips) to change the color.

This design can be easily modified to create a frame structure or something futuristic, and with simple LED strips costing only $0.80 per meter, they can be an effective tool for anyone on a budget.

4. LED headbands

These illuminated headbands are sure to go with cute rather than scary Halloween accessories, but they can be modified to give a futuristic look to any costume. These types of luminescent props were previously only available as parts of expensive ready-made costumes, but now they are available to everyone in kit form.

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

You may be looking at this and wondering how does this qualify as an ultra-low budget? You would be absolutely right — even if this set is too expensive to be on this list, the technology behind these builds is available for much less. With a $3.20, $3 million battery-powered fluorescent wire, this build for the home is made much more affordable. All you have to do is grab an old headband and let your imagination run wild!

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

5. Shiny helmet

This one isn’t the prettiest, but it’s a testament to what can be assembled in a short amount of time! Created for a Halloween show hours before the stage starts, this LED helmet won’t win prizes for beauty when viewed against the light.

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

Putting it together using a cheap SMD 5050 LED strip, a battery box and a lot of duct tape, this helmet is rough and simple. The magenta light is achieved by soldering the red and blue GND strips together, with the 12V+ tab attached directly to the battery holder. It turns on and off by attaching and detaching the battery. Not exactly a high-tech build, but it worked wonderfully in the dark.

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

These stripes are a fantastic item to master when paired with an Arduino. boards and before you know you’ll use them to light up your whole life light up your light up your

6Harry Potter Floating Candles

One of the enduring images of films about Harry Potter are the floating candles in the great hall. While there are many great Potter gadgets, you can buy purchase on purchase on making these candles yourself is surprisingly easy. The building materials are what you already have or available at the dollar store, making this build cheap and perfect for families.

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

See how they are made on the YouTube channel The Sway :

These candles are only made up of old paper rolls, cheap battery candles and hot glue, but the effect they give is fantastic. Look for the thinnest wire to hang them for the ultimate smooth effect!

7. Tardis Wizard

While the true meaning of charm is still unknown, true fans » Doctor Who know that Halloween is definitely their time to shine. Venture into unknown territory with this tanned TARDIS Charmer!

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

The electronic part of this assembly is very simple and clear. The required components are available for just a few cents each. Tiny coin-cell batteries power the show, making the sorcerer as easy as the sorcerer…probably. We are still not entirely sure who the charmers are. This is another very simple circuit paired with craft making it the perfect project for beginners. Today this assembly, tomorrow the sonic screwdriver?

8. Haunted House

Want to scale up your budget? What if your whole house was emitting an evil light from within?

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

With the advent of cheap LED lighting, it’s nearly impossible to replace light bulbs on Halloween night, turning a spooky lair into the most welcoming home. With single-color LED lights available for just a dollar, you can easily equip the entire front of your building with them.

If you combined this with a cheap weatherproof LED strip ($4.43 for 5m RGB 12V strips), you could also combine your garden, as James Barker did, with a mini graveyard.

budget crafts spooky halloween lighting projects

Fear of the dark

There are many technical tricky ways to get into the Halloween spirit. from defiant Jack-o-Lanterns about 3D printing your own spooky decorations.

The possibilities of what’s possible on a budget are huge. Like all things DIY, it all comes down to imagination and planning. Hope the above ideas have ignited your creative juices. If these ideas aren’t enough for you, why not try adding an Arduino or Raspberry Pi this Halloween?

Are you planning the perfect light show this Halloween? Have you created the terror we really need to see? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image credit: landeeseelandeedo.com

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