The Raspberry Pi 2 was released in 2015 and brings improved speed and processing power to a line of computers first released in 2012. If you don’t have one of these computers and have kids of the right age, you need to seriously consider bringing one. house.

Simply put, the Raspberry Pi can change your child’s life.

You do not trust me? That’s fine, I’ve outlined five reasons why.

It’s LEGO computers

Buying a bare Raspberry Pi board will give your kids a lot of fun, but they’ll be left with an exposed board that could fit in a case. Including case construction in the equation is a good idea and is the foundation of the set which we reviewed in April 2015.


The Kano Kit, available for $100 from, is for kids. You get a plastic case that clips around the Raspberry Pi Model B+, with a choice of colored cases. The wireless dongle and cables are brightly colored, and the Kano OS (which can be downloaded separately, for free) is designed to keep the user focused on learning to code and create software with tools like Scratch.

The learning experience of building a case is reflected in the OS and firmware, making Kano a great introduction to the Raspberry Pi for kids under 10. If you don’t want to pay for an extra bundle but like the sound of the Kano-flavored operating system, you can download it for free and install it in the usual way.

Automation is coming and it will change everything

You want your children to use computers and understand their importance. Preparing your child for the world of automation and software development not only provides foresight, but helps them move forward by giving them the opportunity to acquire important skills.

In a world where blue-collar jobs are shifting to automation on a daily basis, in a world where robots are slow to perform complex, industrious and dangerous tasks, understanding how these machines work, how to program and repair them is already an important job.

According to current estimates, by 2030 the march of automation will be almost complete. Children born in 2015 will move into the world of domestic and industrial robots. Even with the intention of studying other subjects, knowing the basics of software engineering and computing will be just as useful in everyday life as mathematics.

Raspberry Pi Likes Toys

We’ve already compared the Pi to LEGO, and popular building bricks can be used to build a Raspberry Pi case. You can even buy unofficial LEGO-style cases, while the Pi can be combined with sets to take robotics education to the next level, as demonstrated by the successful BrickPi Kickstarter project, which is available for $169.99.

However, if you prefer to keep things under control, the Pi can be used to control model railroads, as shown in this video:

Similarly, the Scratch program can be used to control a Scalextric race track:

Understanding Servers and Personal Security

A key element of computing is the role of the server. In the increasingly complex life that those of us in developed countries enjoy, a server is a remote computer that sends the information we request, be it a web page, music, an online game, or something else.

newsletter-rasppi-wireless printer

The server-client relationship can be difficult to understand without practical examples, and the Raspberry Pi can be used to teach this. Kids can design their first web page with the Pi or create a home file server. . It can even be used as a print server if you have an older non-wireless printer.

For more server-bound Pi fun, have your kids set up Nagios to monitor their home network. can help highlight the importance of digital security, an important (and terribly overlooked) aspect of parenting in the 21st century.

Space travel is possible with Raspberry Pi

Do you want to go to space? The dream of children since the 1950s (and perhaps before) has been to reach the stars, but the reliability of rockets for manned missions has been challenged again and again over the past 60 years or so.

A smart option for NASA and hobbyists is to use unmanned missions in space, and while you can’t expect to land a Raspberry Pi LEGO rover on the lunar surface (yet), you can certainly encourage your kids to send it to near Earth. orbit!

Above you can see a video of the successful launch of a Raspberry Pi in space using an insulated computer box (it’s cold in there!) and a weather balloon.

We believe you only need one of these reasons to buy a Raspberry Pi for your kids. With five, your mind should really be made up!

If your kids are tech-savvy, you might also consider getting them started with coding using these 3 projects for kids using Microsoft Small Basic. Or for many types of projects, these sites have handmade crafts that are great for kids. and teenagers.

Do your kids have a Raspberry Pi? What projects have they completed, with or without your help? Write to us in the comments.

Image Credits: Raspberry Pi 2 by Gareth Halfacree via Flickr

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