You just got a DSLR to create a video? Did you believe that once you get it, you’ll immediately make creative, beautiful videos that will make all your friends think you’re a screen genius? Yes, you probably did. Unfortunately, this is not the case, because in order to create creative, beautiful videos To make all your friends think that you are a screen-inspired genius, you must know the camera well. Also, the extra equipment really helps in the DSLR area.

Unfortunately, DSLR DSLR. video equipment extremely expensive. Luckily, there are a few sites out there that are willing to help you get around this. Below we have three websites dedicated to helping you build your own gear and find equally effective and inexpensive gear. Sites are updated quite regularly, so stay tuned.


dslr gear

True, I’ve never been a fan of the name «CheesyCam» and for some reason I just had to say it. I always thought it sounded a little silly and whenever I find other sites with comparable names, I often find that they are incredibly misleading or have bad information. However, don’t let the name fool you when it comes to CheesyCam. This site offers a lot of information and experience that you rarely find online, and since the focus is on DSLR gear, you’ll be in good company.

The site mainly publishes articles and videos that simply take a look at every single product that the creators of CheesyCam can get their hands on. Unlike other sites, CheesyCam takes a very hands-on approach to everything they look at. With that said, if you’re considering new hardware, I highly recommend checking out CheesyCam first.

In addition, the site has a dedicated section of the site that categorizes all the elements surrounding a DSLR camera. (e.g. «lenses», «viewfinders»), and it’s very easy to find a specific piece of equipment if you’re not quite sure what you need. In addition, CheesyCam users often post links to the products they sell.


dslr diy

Vimeo already offers some DSLR video production tips, but I think one thing we forgot to acknowledge is the wide range of gear and DIY gear videos. The site offers a modest selection of videos in the DIY DSLR Gear group, but the videos you find here are well worth watching. Plus, Vimeo is just a great site to get help on your adventures.

The site mainly offers high quality content, professionally created, so I would take Vimeo for YouTube. every day when it comes to advice on my own film projects. Of course, I can safely say that YouTube still has something to bring to the table. What I love about Vimeo’s lessons is that you can see what’s being done in real time, and since the videos are generally very well done, they’re pretty easy to understand.

Indy Film Gear

dslr gear

Indy Film Gear has a particular focus on low-budget filmmakers who just want something to make their production pop. The site is all about DIY projects and the content creators are trying to make things accessible. IFG has a ton of content ready for you and once you do, you’ll start working on it. The kit includes tips from sliders to shoulder mount and even in full light. This site is worth a look.

Of course the site includes reviews, cheap hardware as opposed to DIY gear and the occasional tip thrown into the mix just to keep things interesting. All in all, Indy Film Gear is a great site to spend some time on if you’re not sure what you should be buying and what you should be doing. I believe that anyone who wants to create a DSLR video should take a look here.


Above are just three sites out of many that will help you build DSLR gear and find cheaper alternatives. However, some of the greatest creations cannot be found on these sites.

With that said, do you have any of your DSLRs to show us? What other sites do you use to find DSLR equipment?

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