If you are like many wire cutter Kodi has become an essential tool for your entertainment. When Kodi starts to go bad, your TV viewing comes to an abrupt halt. Here are a few things that can go wrong with Kodi and some tricks to get back into your entertainment browsing experience.

Possible problems why Kodi is not working

Kodi keeps crashing

  1. In the event that Kodi randomly crashes, a simple troubleshooting step is to resolve any errors – restarting Kodi. On most devices other than Fire TV or Fire Sticks, press button food and press » Reload» .

    A screenshot of Kodi showing the Power Options menu.

    For Fire Stick\TV click Settings then Device then Reload . You can also turn off the power to these devices, wait a few seconds, and then turn the power back on.

  2. Another simple troubleshooting step is to try update Kodi software . As with add-ons, updates are designed to fix or improve a program.

  3. If you are still experiencing crashes, the next step is to reset Kodi to its default settings. This will remove any changes or tweaks you or the add-on may have made. It also gives you a fresh start for potential performance issues. Using the Ares Wizard is the easiest way to do this.

    Click More then press Erase all Data / Fresh Start .

    Master Ares with Cody is going to erase all the data.

    You will see a dialog box confirming the removal of all add-ons, etc. from Kodi. Click Yes .

    Confirmation screen with Ares wizard during reset.

    will appear dialog window » Options ”, in which you can save some parameters, for example favorites , sources or Extra options . For a hard reset, do not save these settings. Then click Proceed .

    Ares Wizard in Kodi showing options for erasing data.
  4. Finally, the last troubleshooting step is to reinstall Kodi. This will wipe out any addons or changes you have made to Kodi. Although it may seem drastic, sometimes starting from scratch is the best way to clear up problems that have arisen.

Video keeps buffering

There is nothing more frustrating than when you try to watch something and it constantly buffers and pauses. As stated earlier, your VPN application can be a major source of resources causing buffering or no flow at all. If you have enabled this feature, then the next logical step is to look at your cache. There is a handy add-on to clear the cache and increase the video cache, since Kodi itself does not have such built-in tools.

Ares Wizard gives you much more control as well as a simple interface. First you need to download and install it.

  1. To clear the cache using the Ares wizard, click » Service» then » Delete Cache\Temp» . You will receive confirmation of how many files have been deleted in the cache. Click OK, to continue.

    Ares Wizard maintenance mode.
  2. You can also clear any temporary files. This is very similar to cleaning up files on your computer. While in the Ares wizard, click » Service» then click » Delete Thumbnails» and » Remove packages by separately.» It’s also great homework for Cody. Kodi will confirm the deletion of the thumbnails. Click OK, to continue.

    Ares Wizard maintenance screen showing thumbnails being removed.
  3. You may need to adjust the video cache. There is no ideal cache size to ensure optimal performance, so you will need to experiment with the cache size to improve your video viewing experience. To set up video cache, click Tweaks > Advanced Settings Wizard . Then click Further .

    Advanced settings in the Ares wizard.
  4. The Ares wizard will then tell you the amount of RAM you can use and the recommended maximum amount. This is usually about 1/3 of your available RAM. Click Create settings .

    Create video settings in the Ares for Kodi wizard.
  5. On the next screen, a Video Cache Size slider will appear to adjust the amount you want to set. Once you have set the amount, click Apply these settings .

    Advanced video settings to customize in the Ares wizard.
  6. You will receive a confirmation and a request to restart Kodi. Click OK, to continue.

Additional Kodi Diagnostics

While there can be many issues with Kodi and the numerous platforms it can be used on, many platforms experience the same issues.

No video stream — add-on issues

There may be several possible problems if you are not experiencing flow at all. In addition to blocking your ISP (see the VPN section above), a bad Kodi add-on could also be the culprit. If an add-on has stopped working or is no longer supported, reinstallation a suspicious bad add-on should fix the flow flaw.

Lack of add-ons

Another possibility of receiving a message without a stream is that the movie or TV program may not have an available stream. Again, by installing additional add-ons, you can significantly increase your chances of finding the stream you need.

Network problems

If you’ve already fixed problems with your VPN and your ISP, the issue might be related to your home network. Whether you’re streaming or just browsing the web, your internal network needs a bit of attention sometimes. The best way to troubleshoot network issues (including buffering issues) is to reset your modem/router. While it may seem scary, all you have to do is turn off the router’s power for about a minute. As soon as you plug it back in, you should see it come to life and start talking to your other devices. If you don’t see any indicators, your router may need to be replaced.

Kodi can’t connect to source

This message is relatively common in Kodi because of the free addon finder. If you get this error, the culprit is most likely because the site your add-on came from is down, no longer exists, or the server address is incorrect. First you need to check the server URL to make sure there are no typos. If the address is correct, you may have to search the Internet for another add-on store, as the host site may no longer exist.

Problems with Kodi and VPN

If you’re unsure if a VPN is or isn’t using it, this is the first step to secure video streaming. Whether you are watching licensed video or other sources, VPN (virtual private network) is a great way to protect your internet usage. However, a VPN can also cause performance issues.

  1. If you are not using a VPN, your ISP may be blocking your Kodi streaming traffic. Not all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) allow video streaming. This is especially true if you are uploading content illegally. Check with your ISP if streaming is allowed or data limits have been reached. Some ISPs will lower (slow down) your data rate if they feel you are abusing their services. If that’s the case, you may not be getting the flow at all

  2. Because a VPN encrypts your internet traffic, this can have a significant impact on your streaming performance. VPN apps can vary in how much they slow down your internet speed. If you find that your VPN is a possible culprit, try a different VPN app. This stuttering video might just clear up.

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