Inboxes can quickly get out of hand when swamped spam email . Instead of deleting spam that enters your mailbox gmail please report it so that there is less spam in the future.

Spam reporting strengthens your spam filter in Gmail

The more spam you teach Gmail to recognize, the less spam you get in your inbox. You’re helping Gmail’s spam filter learn by showing it spam that’s landed in your inbox.

Reporting spam is easy and will not only save you spam in the future, it will also delete the offending message immediately.

How to report spam in Gmail

To report spam via email right in your browser and improve Gmail’s spam filter specifically for you in the future:

  1. Check the box next to a message or messages in Gmail by setting empty field to the left of the message. You can identify spam without opening the email. You can also open the letter, of course.

    Screenshot of Gmail inbox with message selection box highlighted
  2. Notice the menu right above the inbox. Look for the icon that looks like an exclamation point ( ! ) AT stop sign . Click to mark the message as spam. You can also click ! ( Shift + one ) if you have included Gmail keyboard shortcuts .

    Screenshot of Gmail inbox with Spam button highlighted
  3. Gmail will let you know that the message and message, and any conversations it’s part of, have been moved to Spam. You can view them in your Spam folder if you wish.

How to report spam to Gmail in an IMAP email client

To report spam when accessing IMAP move the message or messages to a folder [Gmail] / spam.

How to report spam in Gmail on a mobile browser

To report spam in your Gmail mobile browser, follow these steps:

  1. Check the box to the left of the unwanted message or messages. You can also open a message.

  2. A new panel will appear floating in the upper right corner of the screen. Click icon co down arrow, to open other options.

  3. Select Report Spam from the new expanded menu.

    Screenshots of the Gmail app showing how to report a message as spam

How to Report Gmail Spam in the Gmail App

To report spam in Gmail app for mobile devices Android and iOS :

  1. In your inbox, tap the initials in front of one or more messages.

  2. The top menu will display the options for the messages you have selected. Click menu icon denoted three stacked dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. Another menu will expand to show an extended set of options. Select Report Spam from the list.

    Screenshots of the Gmail app showing how to report an account as spam

The Gmail inbox was completely removed on March 31, 2019.

Blocking: an alternative to individual senders, but not to spammers

For messages from specific, obnoxious senders blocking is usually a better option than reporting spam. Chances are the emails don’t look like typical spam, so they might confuse the spam filter more than they help.

Use blocking only for individual senders — for example, for those who forward messages to you, and not for sending spam. The senders of spam emails usually do not have identifiable addresses that remain the same. Usually the address is random, so blocking a single email will not help stop the influx of spam.

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