Devices Amazon echo offer a feature called Alexa Guard that turns the voice assistant into a sort of home security system. When enabled, it listens and alerts you to suspicious sounds.

Amazon Echo and Echo Plus 1st generation and Echo Dot 1st and 2nd generation do not support Alexa Guard.

How Amazon Alexa Guard works

When you enable this feature by saying «Alexa, I’m leaving», your Alexa device will respond with «Ok, I’ll be on guard» and switch to mode «In away «. This allows the device to listen for signs of an emergency such as broken glass, alarms, smoke detectors, accidents and falls. If something happens, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

Alexa Guard can’t on its own call emergency services such as 911.

If you are subscribed to a security service such as ADT or ring Alexa Guard can send alerts to these services so they can increase surveillance of your home. In an emergency, you need to contact support by calling 911 or requesting personalized security assistance through their app.

How Alexa Guard works to prevent problems

If you use smart lights in your home, please connect the lights to the Amazon Alexa app so Alexa Guard can turn the lights on and off randomly. This makes your home occupied by potential intruders. In addition, you can control your lights remotely from the Alexa app available for both devices Android and for iOS .

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How to disable Alexa Guard

When you get home, turn off Alexa Guard by saying «Alexa, I’m home.» If you have home security equipment that works with Alexa, such as Amazon Ring Alarm you must enter a code to verify your identity before Alexa Guard disables.

Alexa Guard Compatible Devices

Alexa Guard is available on smart speakers Amazon Echo and echo dot as well as on the Echo Plus smart home. echo show smart — display, Echo Spot mini smart — display, and Input Echo are also compatible with Alexa Guard and allow users to add Alexa prompts to other electronic devices.

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