Venmo makes your own site much less useful. The peer-to-peer payment service no longer allows you to make payments through its website, and this appears to be just the start of a deliberate effort to degrade the Venmo website.

Venmo, which is owned by PayPal. allows users to send payments to each other using their smartphones. However, so far Venmo has offered similar functionality with their website. Unfortunately, the company is now changing course.

Venmo is deteriorating its site for reasons

You can no longer send payments or withdraw funds from the Venmo website. Instead, you’ll have to use the Venmo mobile app on Android or iOS. And Venmo hasn’t finished degrading their site yet, promising even less functionality.

As reported by TechCrunch, Venmo informed users of these changes in their May 2018 account summaries. However, to the annoyance of some users, Venmo did not explain its reasoning or let users know what else is changing.

“Over the coming months, Venmo has decided to retire some features from the website. We are starting to phase out the ability to pay and charge anyone on the website, and over time you may see less functionality on the website — this is just the beginning. Therefore, we have updated our user agreement to reflect that the use of Venmo on the website may be restricted.”

As a result of these changes, the Venmo site is now entirely dedicated to administration. This way you can cash out your balances, view transactions and change settings. However, you will have to open the Venmo mobile app in order to send and receive money.

Venmo wants to be different from PayPal

Perhaps Venmo did this for two reasons. First, it helps differentiate Venmo from PayPal, which is still considered to be mostly online. Secondly, if most people use the mobile app, it makes sense to focus entirely on this side of things.

While Venmo is popular with the tech-savvy generation, it’s far from the only option for sending payments to other people. So, there are many mobile applications that allow you to send money painlessly. painless money transfer. including Google Wallet you can use instead.

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