Maps, Apple’s mapping application that was introduced with OS X Mavericks is a popular and easy way to navigate almost anywhere in the world.

Many features available in versions Maps app for iPhone and iPad available to Mac users, including the ability to add your favorite locations.

The information in this article applies to Maps on the following operating systems: macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Sierra (10.12), OS X El Capitan (10.11), OS X Yosemite (10.10) ) and OS X Mavericks (10.9).

Using your favorites in Maps

The Favorites feature allows you to save a location anywhere in the world and quickly return to it. Defining favorites in Maps is similar to using bookmarks in Safari . You can save frequently used locations to your favorites list in Maps to quickly open a saved site. However, the Favorites feature in Maps offers more options than Safari bookmarks. Favorites gives you quick access to information, reviews, and photos of the places you save.

How to access the Favorites map

To obtain access to your favorite sites, click on magnifying glass icon in the search bar . (In older maps, click the Bookmarks» on the Maps toolbar.) Then click » Favorites» or favorites icon (heart) in the drop-down bar.

Favorites dropdown menu in Mac Maps

The left pane of the Favorites screen contains the Favorites, Recents, All Contacts, and Contacts categories from the Contacts app. Maps provide quick access to all your contacts provided that you may want to target the contact’s location if the entry contains an address.

Favorites drop-down screen in the Mac Maps app
  • Category » Favorites » contains your saved places. These can be restaurants, businesses, friends’ homes, places of interest, or places you’ve pinned in the Maps app. The Favorites feature starts with an empty list, but you can add your favorite places in several ways.
  • Recent The category contains a list of recently visited places in Maps. Every time you type an address in the search bar, use a favorite, or a contact address to go to a location in Maps, that location is added to the Recent list. The latter also includes any pinned locations, even if there is no name to pin.
  • Category » Contacts » contains all your groups contacts . You can click on any group to find a specific contact. You can also use the search bar on the Favorites page to find a specific contact. Contacts that contain an address in use appear in bold, and contacts that do not have address information appear in gray. Tap the address field in a contact to navigate to that location in Maps.

Adding Favorites to Maps

When you first start using Maps, the favorites list is empty and you can fill it in with places of interest. However, you may notice that the Favorites list does not have a method to add a new favorite. Favorites are added from the map using one of several methods.

Add Favorites Using the Search Bar

Use the search bar at the top of the Maps app to enter your favorite location.

  1. Enter a location or place name in the Maps search bar. If more than one location has the same name, select what you’re looking for in the left pane. Maps will take you to that location and reset the pin icon and address on the map.

    Adding Favorites to Mac Maps Using the Search Bar
  2. Press address banner next to a pin to open the information window. Depending on the location, it may contain a lot of information or simply indicate the address and distance from you.

    Favorites info screen in Mac Maps
  3. With the information window open, click the » Favorites» (heart) at the top of the screen to add the location to Favorites.

Add favorites by manually removing pins

If you’re wandering around the map and come across a location you want to return to later, you can reset the pin and then add that location to your favorites.

To perform this type of addition, scroll the map until you find the location of interest. Then:

  1. Place the cursor on the position you want to remember. Then right click and select Drop Pin from the popup menu.

  2. The address shown on the pin banner is the best guess for the location. Sometimes you may see a range of addresses, such as 201-299 Main St. In other cases, Maps displays the exact address. If you add a pin to a remote area, Maps may only show the regional name, such as Wamsutter, WY. The address information displayed in the output depends on the amount of data that Maps contains about that place.

    Banner accompanying a dropped pin in the Mac Maps app
  3. After dropping the pin, click on pin Banner, to open the information window.

  4. If you want to save the location, click the icon Heart» in the info window to add the location to Favorites.

    Information screen for a dropped pin in Mac Maps

Add Favorites Using the Maps Menu

Another way to add favorites is to use the Edit menu in Maps. If you want to return to the same area in Maps, do the following:

  1. Place the area you want to favorite in the Maps window. It’s best if the location you want to add to your favorites is roughly in the center of the map viewer.

  2. From the Maps menu bar, select Edit > Drop Pin drop the pin in the center of the map screen.

    Removing a pin from the map menu bar
  3. This adds a pin and a location flag in the center of the map using the name Starred location sometimes with a regional indicator and sometimes with an address. You can change the name to add more accurate information after accessing your favorites.

    Marked the location of the informational flag in Mac Maps
  4. Click location flag and select heart icon, to save the marked location as a favourite. You can edit the information for the location to be more accurate later.

    Flagged Location Information Screen in Mac Maps

Editing or deleting favorites

You can change the name of the favorite or delete it in the Favorites window. However, you cannot change a loved one’s address or location information there.

  1. To obtain access and change the name of the favorite, to make it more descriptive, click magnifying glass icon in the map search bar, and then Favorites in the drop down menu and Favorites in the sidebar as described earlier.

  2. Click the button Change» in the lower right corner of the Favorites panel.

    Favorites screen in Mac Maps
  3. All favorite places can now be edited. To remove favorites, click X to the right of his name. To change the name of a favorite, click in the name field and enter a new name or change an existing name. Click Ready, to save changes.

    Editing the name of a favorite in Maps

Favorites is a handy way to keep track of the places you’ve visited or want to visit. If you haven’t used Favorites with Maps yet, try adding a few places. It’s nice to use Maps to see all the places you think are interesting enough to add to your favorites.

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