Mobile data is always important for Android and iPhone users. Phone service isn’t cheap, and HD video and more is always available to stream in your pocket, making it easy to push your data limit.

Android apps that help you use less data while browsing the web can help, but there are other ways to make sure you never step over the threshold and start paying.

To have your Android phone warn you when you are approaching your data limit, go to » Settings»> «Data Usage» . Here you will see the current data usage on the graph — see the line with the number next to it? Drag this to where you want to set the monthly alert — 75% of your total is probably a good number.

To make sure this is being measured correctly, make sure your billing cycle is accurate right above the chart. Tap the dropdown and select Change loop…, to define start and end dates. Please note that your phone’s measurement is not official and may differ from your carrier’s records.

This tool is great for estimating, but plan some wiggle room just in case.

If you wish, you can also enable the option Set Cellular Data Limit here and define the threshold at which your phone will block all data connections. It’s a great safety net, but it means you won’t be able to use any data in the background, so be careful when setting it up.

Remember that you can play games that do not require a connection if you need to go a few days without data at the end of the month! Find out how you can stop any app from using your data. prevent any application from using prevent any application from using if you only need to keep track of a few.

Are you using these warning and blocking data features? Share your data management tips below!

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