If you’re a pet owner like me, you probably do two things on a regular basis: spoil your pet and think about how to optimize your pet’s spoiling process. Luckily, many other pet owners who have come before us have already figured out how to automate some of the things they do for their furry friends. These six projects range from useful to ridiculous, but all of them will be very interesting to create and use.

Arduino Controlled Pet Food Dispenser

There are many automatic pet food dispensers on the market, but they can be quite expensive. Why not make your own with an Arduino and a few cheap parts? You may even have some of these things around your house already. insructables user crazydeadmoth uses a servo motor, a potentiometer, some plywood and two small sheets of acrylic to create a wheel that turns to dispense food.

The code used for this project is very simple and can be easily modified to distribute food on any schedule your dog needs; perfect for when you need to feed your dog while you’re at work or just doing one of the steps from your morning routine morning routine morning routine

Button-activated dispenser

parrots treat dispenser

To give your pet a little more mental exercise, you can create a treat dispenser that doesn’t just dispense treats on a schedule, but requires the push of a button (or, in this case, the push of a chain). This particular project was designed for parrots wright spelled wrong but you should be able to make it work with any other kind of pet that can be trained. The instructions recommend using a particular type of wheel designed for this purpose, but you can almost certainly install something like this yourself.

Also, most of what you need will be in the Arduino Starter Kit Starter Kits or a basic electronics kit, or it should be really easy to find cheap on the internet. Like the previous project, the code is really simple and you could probably change it to behave a little differently if you want to put your pet in front of a problem or solve a different problem.

Don’t underestimate how smart your animals can be!

Arduino-Powered temperature and humidity controller


It’s a fairly complex project, requiring a lot of parts that you’ll probably have to buy specifically for the purpose, but it’s also a fantastic way to make sure your little pets always have the right environment. As soon as you connect the sensor, LCD screen, nebulizer and thermal plate, you will be ready to keep your terrarium or other small pet in the ideal temperature and humidity.

The code for this project is not particularly complex and the user jack1986 from Instructables provided the library and project code for download so you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

Arduino Controlled Curfew Door

pet door

Having a pet door is a great convenience, but you don’t always want your pet to go outside whenever they want. You, however, want him to be able to return when he is outside. By combining an Arduino with a Staywell lockable pet door, you can set a curfew for your pet without having to lock it out of the house (you can probably use any other type of lockable pet door, but the Staywell model is the one that is designed for the user) instructions. used).

With a few switches and a couple of other small modules, you can use this pet door to limit your pet’s ability to go outside at times of the day when it’s safe to do so. You will need to disassemble the door a bit to attach the servo to the lock, but the assembly is quite easy.

Automatic ball launcher

Some dogs have a seemingly endless supply of energy to play on the leash (as a greyhound owner, I have no idea what that’s like). If you have one of these dogs and don’t want to tire your hand, this ball launcher is a great project. It is very complex and requires a lot of work skills. but the end result is worth it.

Dean Segovis created a launcher with a wiper motor, V-belt pulley and tension spring for the launcher. After you put it all together, you just need to teach your dog how to use it.

Pet Selfie Sender

This project doesn’t have immediate benefits, but it will definitely be a lot of fun! By combining an Arduino, a large arcade button and a webcam, Greg Baughs has created a system where his dog can send messages to himself from a Twilio disposable phone number. All the dog needs to do is click on the button and the quick photo will be uploaded to Dropbox and send a message to the owner.

You could supposedly merge this project with one of the others to make it a little more useful; in the comment, the creator suggests setting up a buzzer that will notify the dog that he will take a selfie, and then, for example, give out a treat when it is taken.

Your Favorite Arduino Pet Projects

These six projects are great for beginners and advanced electronics, but there are many more. Whether you want to feed your pet, restrict its access to certain times, or force it to send you text messages, an Arduino and a little hack can help you get there.

Have you used an Arduino or other microcontroller to build something for your pet? Share your favorite projects in the comments below!

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