Idea to work from home WFH ) or telework sounds like a dream come true. But if the time comes and you find that you really need to do business from home, even temporarily, you will quickly find that WFH may not be the dream you dreamed .

So while it can be a daunting task, armed with the right information and perspective, you can be productive and remote.

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Ask what you need

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If you are asked to work from home, especially if it is a temporary move, ask your employer what equipment you will need. This does not mean that you will receive it, but do not think that all this will be your responsibility. A few things that might be asked to be included:

  • a computer
  • Webcam
  • Wireless mouse / keyboard
  • USB hub
  • Any software/applications required
  • Printer (if needed)

As a guideline, ask what you think will be required to complete your job. Expect to be given the least you need to be effective.

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Create the right workspace

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Workspace is essential when you are WFH. Sounds great when you’re sitting on the couch, but quickly becomes uncomfortable. Carve out space in your home where your computer, files and any necessary materials can live, even when you are not at work.

Make it a quiet space, out of the main traffic flow at home, and not in a TV room. Also, make sure your location has plenty of outlets. And, if possible, a door. A door is the holy grail for working outside the home, but if you don’t have a door, find the quietest, most private place in your home so you’re separated from as many distractions as you work. ,

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Equip your workspace

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If you are a temporary WFH, you may be away from work for several days or even several weeks. In any case, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your workplace. So what cannot exist without basic necessities ?

  • Nice chair . Yes it very important
  • home computer, which can run your apps/software, provided the office doesn’t provide it. A refurbished computer can be a good option in if necessary.
  • Headphones are required and if you’re going to have a conference call, the best thing use headset .

There are a few things on the «nice to have» list of equipment that you can work without but will make WFH easier:

  • Additional monitor . If you have never had a second monitor, your life will change for the better soon .
  • Optional computer power adapters / mouse / keyboard, etc.
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Make sure your Internet and Wi-Fi meet your needs

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All Internet and Wi-Fi settings are not created equal. Bandwidth you probably have at home slower than you are used to in the office. Check your internet speed then check streaming, web conferencing (if possible), and file uploads and downloads at the location you plan to use for your home office.

If you need higher speeds try change some settings and if that doesn’t work, call your ISP and request a temporary increase in internet speed. Some providers will allow you to increase and then decrease your services with them.

Also, make sure your temporary office is in an area with strong Wi-Fi coverage. If necessary consider installing a mesh network to improve wireless coverage.

Be sure to check your internet speed when using VPN (virtual private network), because you will probably have to use it and the VPN might slow you down.

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Waiting for yourself and others

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Working from home may mean your response time is delayed. Depending on your job, you may not have access to all the things you do in the office, so it may take longer to connect with people or find the information you need. Report potential delays with colleagues, clients and managers.

Also set expectations for yourself and the people who occupy the same position as you. It includes setting boundaries for your family, to determine your hours of operation.

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Make a schedule and manage your time well

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The lure in the kitchen, the chores, the TV and the sun in the backyard are enough to distract anyone. Don’t fall for these distractions. It’s easy to waste time when you’re working from home.

Maintain a calendar schedule and keep track of all your appointments and appointments. Use to-do lists and applications for task management or raise performance, to make sure you know what needs to be done and that it is being done.

Download Appendix for time registration or time management, to keep track of the number of hours you work, when you start work and when you stop for the day. Some applications will also track what you are doing on the computer.

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Videoconferencing etiquette

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Working from home will likely mean that your meetings are transferred online . If you use software for videoconferencing, such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, there are a few etiquette points you should practice during conversations.

  • Turn on the camera . When you’re not listening to the meeting, use the camera as a means of maintaining a professional image and physical presence.
  • Mute the microphone : Background sounds are amplified for everyone else, so do the group a favor and don’t mute the sound if you’re not talking. Bonus Tip: Set your video conferencing software to mute by default on startup.
  • Choose the right lighting : Participants will want to see your face while talking to you.
  • Keep your background clean : You don’t want your colleagues to see all the clutter that you didn’t have time to deal with.
  • Don’t wear pajamas : The saying “Dress for success” is very important when you are WFH. You may not need a three-piece suit, but being too casual can detract from your professional image and your productivity.
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Avoid Bad Habits WFH

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Everything that is no-no at work will be no-no at home. The reason why employers block social networking sites on corporate networks is because research shows you can lose 2 hours and 22 minutes daily check in social networks. If it’s not part of your work, save it for your «after work» hours.

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Stay connected with your colleagues

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How many times a day do you take a break to connect with your colleagues, share information, or just leave your desk? If you are a WFH, this is much more difficult to do, but no less important. Use an app like Slack- messaging system for teams — to stay in touch with the people you work with.

Collaboration is also essential . You probably rely on the strengths of your colleagues all the time you are at work. Don’t let working from home stop it. If necessary use a collaboration tool but connect with people who can help you do your job better.

Body language is an important and neglected aspect of communication, especially at work. One of the surprisingly effective body language substitutes for remote work is a favorite emoji ! Use them often and appropriately, and you will be transmitting important non-verbal cues to your co-workers.

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Above all else: be flexible

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Working from home is basically about flexibility. You need to be able to work among distractions, switch between last-minute changes, and struggle with poor communication with other people. You can handle it!

Mistakes happen: a cat will walk on your computer during a video conference, or a dog will bark, or a delivery service will bring a package, or your kids will choose this very moment to try to kill each other in the loudest, most embarrassing way possible. Everything is fine. Just fix it and keep moving forward.

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