James Bond, with his various faces and reboots, has maintained the Anglo-American sphere of influence for over 50 years. But rarely has he been able to handle the demands of being an undercover operative on his own. Along with vehicles, friends, colleagues and of course women, 007 relies on a library of gadgets to keep up with the best wearable technology. wearable for wearable devices today.

Some gadgets are absurd. Others are so useful that urban legends report that real-life security agencies have contacted the film’s producers for more information. Below are ten of the best Bond gadgets of all time, used by the superspirit himself before he became a technophobe and blond.

Rolex Magnetic Watch: Live and Let Die

Even spies need to tell the time. They need to know when to meet up with contacts, take breaks at local parks, and when to meet their latest conquest at the hotel bar. While one of the most stunning moments in » Live and let die» is Bond’s quick dispatch of a venomous snake using a distinctly non-aerosol-plus-cigar gadget flamethrower, it is his Rolex watch that is the real star.

With a built-in electromagnet and spinning blade, the watch not only undresses Bond’s lovers, it tells the time and pulls the boat towards Bond to escape an island surrounded by crocodiles…almost. In fact, this is one of the few times when Q gadgets don’t help James Bond, so when the watch starts to be more successfully used in the finale (cutting the rope and attracting the compressed air capsule), it becomes an exciting surprise.

Attaché case: From Russia with love

No traveling spy should be without the kind of equipment that hides the butt of a sniper rifle (with the rest of the rifle hidden inside, ready to be built at a moment’s notice), money, knockout gas, and a dagger.

Unlike most Bond gadgets, this does indeed seem like a logical development of actual Cold War gadgets consisting of cyanide pills and poisoned umbrella tips (as seen in real life by Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov), and while it is rather low tech in comparison For some of the other items on this page, the case and its contents are typical spy movie payoffs. «From Russia with love» is a relatively serious spy movie compared to most Bond series.

Mini oxygen tank: Thunderball

No one wants to be held their breath during an underwater duel with a shark. Nighttime activities of James Bond in Thunderstorm ball» leads to him being trapped in an indoor pool, which Liggo unhygienically uses to kill his enemies with hungry sharks.

Thanks to a thin oxygen tank, Bond has extra extra minutes to dodge sharks, escape Largo’s men, and deal with SPECTER’s henchman’s plan. In the movie, which also features amazing underwater battles and even a jetpack for Bond, this handy, discreet gadget still stands out as an ingenious, true life saver.

Laser Watch: GoldenEye

Bond’s return after a six-year wait was a matter of numbers, albeit driven by talent, given a new leader and a collection of modern and futuristic equipment. One gadget that stands out is the OMEGA watch, which features a timer, remote detonator, and notoriously powerful enough laser to carve a hole in steel.

This gadget is, in fact, the forerunner of modern smartwatches. — it looked like he was also featured in a video game Golden Eye 007 for the N64, its blue and orange background acted as an overlay of energy and screen status on the display.

Replica watches goldeneye can be purchased from various online retailers including Amazon.

Ericsson Phone: Tomorrow Never Dies

One of the most controversial films in the series (some love it, others hate it). In film » Tomorrow never dies» not only a new BMW smart car is presented, but also a wonderful Ericcson phone equipped with an antenna with useful features.

In a film whose villain is essentially the mania for the greatest showdown between Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates, enemies in Tomorrow Never Dies it takes something quintessentially British to impress, and the Q Branch has outdone itself with a phone that combines a fingerprint scanner, a Taser, a lockpick and a car remote in one device. Supposedly battery life is poor, though probably not a bad iWatch.

Interestingly, Ericsson subsequently released a non-spyware version of the phone that you can still find online. You might also be interested to know that while you can’t control your car remotely or stun people, you can create several Bond-style gadgets with a modern smartphone. 3 gadgets .

TV watch: Octopussy

Nothing is more reminiscent of the 1980s than a digital watch, but the Seiko wristwatch showcased on Bond’s trip to Q Branch’s India office boasts an additional high-end accessory: an LCD TV.

Ignoring the practicality of such a device for a moment (resolution issues, battery life, etc.), let’s remember that this is not a gadget that is limited to James Bond. Wrist-mounted two-way communicators with cameras have been around for years of science fiction, probably all the way to the cartoon. Dick Tracy so seeing such equipment in a Bond movie shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The only real surprise is that they waited 21 years to turn it on!

It seems likely that if such a gadget were included in a modern Bond movie, it would be more closely associated with Google Glass or even LED contact lenses. than a watch.

Dart Gun: Moonraker on the wrist

Not intended to tell the time, but mounted on the wrist, a dart from moonraker raised eyebrows during the release and got the gadget-obsessed minds of young Bond fans into racing. In fact, that last bit is still happening.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about a weapon designed for sneak attacks, so compact that it can be worn under a shirt, is that it fires by flicking your wrist. I wouldn’t like to say that there are times when it can accidentally work, but it’s worth thinking about…

False Fingerprints: Diamonds Are Forever

In 1971 » Diamonds forever» Bond is running a little low, although one gadget he has allows him to steal the identification of a diamond smuggler named Peter Franks. This is perhaps the first cinematic example of identity theft through technology.

As a child, I spent years trying to replicate this, which I later learned was achieved using thin layers of latex, not glue. How does an 8 year old know for sure?

This smart, non-tech gadget, however, requires the fingerprints of the identification that Bond has been stealing to be carved into the latex somehow, and the results should be good enough to fool anyone comparing fingerprints on a large display.

To be honest, however, the real technology in this scene is the collection of apparently harmless tools that Tiffany Case uses to identify her contact, the secret James Bond.

Secure Xerox: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Is the safe hack copier the worst combination of two completely different things, or the most ingenious? At first glance, I am wrong until the first, until I spend a couple of minutes thinking about it.

As seen from «Her Majesty’s Secret Service» a bulky device is lifted into the sky by a crane at a construction site and is used by Bond to crack the safe. Once this is done, instead of stealing the documents, 007 copies them.

Back in 1969, photocopiers weren’t as common, and those that were available couldn’t break safes as an additional device. 45 years later, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an HP printer that can control locks.

Home Explosives Kit: License to Kill

The Explosive/Kill Kit is not just a gadget, but a set of tools. It’s a fascinating collection of apparently harmless items like toothpaste and a pack of cigarettes (leaving aside the obvious health risks for a moment) that are actually plastic explosives. and a collection of detonators.

In one of the film’s key scenes, Bond carefully places toothpaste («Dentonite») along the third floor window of Sanchez’s enemy bank and then throws him across the street to kill him with a sniper rifle, aiming to strike at the moment. the window has been broken.

Although this is a plan that does not work (thanks to the intervention of competing agents), the way the explosives can be hidden is a sobering thought.

Now you’ll notice that there are no vehicles on this list (that’s a different list for another time), but we missed a lot of other gadgets used not only by James Bond, but also by his enemies. What are your favorites? What would you like to see in the kit? Write to us in the comments.

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