T-Mobile provides voice and data services for phones and other mobile devices in the United States and other countries. T-Mobile ONE’s plan for phones, which replaced the company’s previous plans includes unlimited calls, text messages, and data across North America, including Mexico and Canada.

T-Mobile works with other wireless carriers in areas where T-Mobile does not offer service. When you use your phone in one of these areas, you are roaming . There are no roaming charges for calls or data usage in these areas, but the plan does have a roaming limit.

How internal data roaming works

If you have a basic T-Mobile ONE plan, you have a 50GB plan, but your roaming limit is 200MB internal data per month. You do not pay roaming charges, but when you reach your internal data roaming limit, data roaming access will be disabled until you return to an area with T-Mobile coverage or until the start of the next billing period.

T-Mobile sends an alert when you reach 80 percent of your monthly domestic data roaming. You will receive another warning when you reach 100 percent. You can also view your usage in the T-Mobile app on your device.

Wherever you are — roaming or not — you can always connect to data using a Wi-Fi signal.

Tips for reducing data roaming usage

To reduce data roaming usage:

  • Use Wi-Fi when available, especially when streaming content or download.
  • Turn off automatic sync in your email and social media apps.
  • Turn off data roaming completely on your device.
  • Monitor data usage through the T-Mobile app.
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T-Mobile ONE Plus Domestic Optional Package

T-Mobile offers two add-on packages to its basic T-Mobile ONE plan: T-Mobile ONE Plus and T-Mobile ONE Plus international. The inner package includes:

T-Mobile ONE Plus International Optional Package

For the best experience Abroad T-Mobile offers its customers an additional package additional services T-Mobile ONE Plus International . Features of the international plan include:

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