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The same homepage every time you open your web browser can get boring after a while. Here are ten websites that give you fun facts, videos, or information every time you open your browser.

If you want to keep your existing homepage, you can always change the position by having multiple homepages. Right-click on the links below to copy the desired link and add it to your home page settings (or bookmark it) in your browser of choice.

Don’t know how to change your home page? We’ll help you, whether it’s Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.


Wikipedia logo

Everyone’s favorite encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has a random page option that displays a page from its nearly 6 million page collection.

If you want to use a different language, change the «en» in the URL to the appropriate language, such as «es» for Spanish or «de» for German. It is also very helpful if you are learning a new language.

In addition, most sites created in this wiki format have a «random» option, which we treat with care. , ,


Wookieepedia logo

The Wikipedia wiki also includes a random page. If you’re a Star Wars fan like so many of us are here at How-To Geek, then there’s a good chance this will eat time like nothing else.

You can read a long history of a character, place, or weapon that you knew next to nothing about. You’ll then click on links to other interesting characters, locations, or weapons, and before you know it, you’ll have 20 tabs open and done nothing for an hour. Ask us how we know.


reddit logo

Love Reddit but struggle to read anything outside of your favorite subreddits? This is for you.

By pointing to the main page of the browser with the value r / random , you will be taken to a subreddit that you have never seen before. However, be careful, some subreddits are sure to draw you into an argument, discussion, or story in a way that only Reddit can.

optical illusions

BrainBashers Logo

Who doesn’t love looking at something that makes us feel like we can’t trust our eyes and might give us a headache? Nobody is who.

BrainBashers Random Pages feature leads you to a random optical illusion so you can start each day remembering that you really can’t always believe what you see. You will need to enable JavaScript so that you can click on each illusion to see the «reality» behind it.


Wallhaven Logo

From one visual feast to another, only this time the images aren’t meant to trigger a migraine: a collection of random and often beautiful wallpapers from Walhaven. This is definitely another page that can drag you into long periods of browsing, but this is art, right? So it’s all right.

coloring pages

Just the color of the logo

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to color in their own images rather than browsing the work of others, how about a random selection of printable coloring pages from Just Color? This is a chance to create your own art and be a little mindful at the same time.

Products on Etsy

Etsy Logo

On the subject of art and beautiful things, what about the random finds that Etsy finds? Not so much a random page as a random search, but the results change quite regularly.

If you prefer to buy unusual items that you would not normally find, you will have your PayPal account depleted before you know it.


Quote page logo

Looking for something tastier and more worthy? Visit the quotes page and get random quotes from people, both real and imaginary.

Each quote includes links to other quotes by the author if you find them particularly interesting. Then memorize them so you can look wise in the eyes of your colleagues.

Dictionary of urban slang

Urban Dictionary logo

From sublime to NSFW. The Urban Dictionary has a random page that will definitely teach you new definitions that you didn’t know before. Fair warning: almost everything here is not to be looked at while at work or in front of the kids.

Random YouTube videos

Random lists logo

Unfortunately, YouTube itself doesn’t have a random choice. Luckily, RandomLists (which also has random pages for Movies, Songs, and Pictures) came to the rescue.

The videos aren’t entirely random as they tend to feature recently popular videos. But with thousands of videos being uploaded to the streaming platform every day, chances are you’ve rarely seen them before.

Other random sites

Take me to another useless website logo border

If you want some truly random silliness, Useless Web is great. It has a button that you press to get to completely random and pointless sites.

For example, you might go to a site like Tiny Tuba, which has a picture of a very small tuba that plays a few notes when pressed. Completely pointless and completely joyful.

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