Rick and Morty V.R.

The people behind Job Simulator, arguably the most popular VR game today, have teamed up with Adult Swim Games to release Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. As the name suggests, this is a Rick and Morty adventure with a unique VR twist. You play as a Morty clone made to handle things at home while the real Morty goes on adventures with Rick. Don’t worry, there are many scams you can get into at home. Plus, with Rick’s portal technology, you won’t be «home» for very long!

We’re not here to spoil the real story for you, but to show you the kind of silliness you can expect as you roam Rick’s legendary garage.

Change your Plumbus

Rick and Morty V.R.

Every home has one, but you have a few tools to make something unique with this one! The combination machine (Combinator for short) at Rick’s workplace allows you to combine Plumbus with just about anything you can find, and those combinations result in many different types of Plumbus.

Basically you’ll get a version of the Plumbus that doesn’t wiggle or stretch and is different from the standard Plumbus, but collecting a rainbow of options from all the stuff you find in the world is more fun than that. probably should be.

The collection shown here in this screenshot is only two-thirds of the Plumbus options we’ve found so far, so you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you!

Cardboard all