There is a new trend lightweight applications for Android devices. A handful of major social networking and communications apps are releasing stripped down, humble versions of their now bloated apps.

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These apps are ridiculously lightweight, sometimes weighing less than 1 megabyte. They are also designed not to take up as much bandwidth.

And because they aren’t packed with overly broad features, they don’t take up as much space. and run faster (especially on older or cheaper devices).

Why is it good

These applications were created for emerging markets, but not all of them are geographically restricted. Even if they are, you can still install the protected APK file by APK Mirror. And I think they can be useful for all of us, even if you’re on an unlimited data plan and using the latest Android flagship phone.

We’ve been complaining about bloated, badly coded, CPU-intensive and resource-hungry apps like Facebook and Messenger for a long time now — and these Lite apps can help. All the important, essential features are right here. But more importantly, bloat (like Facebook Stories in the Facebook app) isn’t.

1. Facebook Lite

Android Lite Apps Facebook Lite

The Facebook app is known to resource and battery life on Android. The only alternative was to use Facebook on a mobile browser or a third party app like Metal. Facebook Lite is a good alternative designed specifically for budget phones and Android regions where data is not shared, like Niagara Falls.

When it comes to basic features, the app very close to a full-fledged Facebook application (and, in some ways, better). In a way, it’s a web shell, but with useful features. There is support for notifications, video playback, support for reactions, and even messaging.

Download — Facebook Lite from the Play Store (Free) | APK Mirror (Free)

2.Messenger Lite

Android Lite Messenger Apps

The main reason why you should use Messenger Lite is because Messenger Day does not have a » here, or a new dynamic layout. Everything is simple. Just a reverse chronological list of your chats and basic messaging features.

The app is fast to use and uses less data. You can still send images to chat, but other features such as stickers, GIF search, and others are not available. Chat title support is not supported too.

Download — Messenger Lite from the Play Store (Free) | APK Mirror (Free)

3.Skype Lite

Applications for Android Lite Skype

Skype has a notorious reputation for being unreliable. But Skype Lite works well even on low bandwidth networks (2G networks). The app supports both voice and video calls. video calls. video calls. and it weighs only 13 MB.

Skype Lite is currently only officially available in India.

Download — Skype Lite from the Play Store (Free) | APK Mirror (Free)

4.Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite is an odd entry on this list. It’s not a traditional app, but it’s not a mobile site either. This is a new PWA technology (progressive web apps). Go to and voila, you’re using a progressive app.

Much of this works like a traditional app: you will receive notifications. you can add it to your home screen, and there is even an offline mode. But all this still works inside the browser.

Android Lite Apps Twitter Lite

The progressive part of the app does some smart stuff. This saves the UI and resources so they don’t need to be reloaded every time you open or refresh the page. Also, if you click on your profile icon and turn on save data mode, you will see that images are no longer uploaded by default. You will see their blurry image as well as the size of the image. You can then click on the preview to download them.

The core Twitter experience—your timelines, tweets, mentions, and DMs—is still there. You won’t find special features like highlights or automatic video playback. here. To make it easier to set up, try turning your mobile web page into a pseudo app using Chrome.

VisitTwitter Lite

5. Shazam Lite

Android Apps Lite Shazam

Shazam Lite is less than 1MB and only does what you want the app to do. This eliminates the bloat of recommendations, popups, and integrations. You just open the app, click on shazam and identify the song.

Plus, the app has a useful offline mode. This way you can search for a song even if you don’t have an internet connection and identify it later when you’re online.

Download — Shazam Lite from the Play Store (Free) | APK Mirror (Free)

6. Line Light

Line of applications for Android Lite

Line Lite, like Messenger Lite, is a lightweight, simplified version of Line Messenger. If you use the Line Messenger service to stay in touch with friends and family, you’ll be happy to know that you can still perform all the basic functions here.

Private chats, group chats, extended media previews, and even stickers are all here. And thanks to the lack of bloat, the user interface itself is very simple and easy to navigate.

Download — Line Lite from the Play Store (Free) | APK Mirror (Free)

7 Opera Mini

Apps for Android Lite Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the smallest cousin of the Opera browser. It is designed to help you navigate the web, with low bandwidth and reduced disk space usage.

You’ll find many features specifically designed to help you deal with data overload, such as downloading videos for offline playback (excluding YouTube). You can also save entire web pages for offline use.

Jump to the built-in data save feature and you can fine-tune data save features and limits, such as turning off high-quality images, video optimization, and more.

You will also find a smart download manager here. This prevents you from downloading large files until you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Download — Opera Mini from the Play Store (free)

Data and Storage Management Tips

Right now, you can count the main lightweight apps on your fingers, though hopefully more apps will be coming soon. Until then, here’s what you can do to make apps use less data, resources, and storage space.

How do you keep your Android phone in working order? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below.

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