Galaxy Note 7 is ready. The game is over. Samsung admitted to this by telling the owners to turn off the power and stop using their devices. So if you have a Galaxy Note 7, you need to heed this advice and «take advantage of available remedies».

Recall that the story … Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 on August 19th. In early September, after dozens of batteries overheated, Samsung recalled the first batch of devices. Over the past few days, a handful of the second batch of devices have overheated, leading to the current situation.

In a statement released last night, Samsung says it is «working with the relevant regulatory authorities to investigate recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note 7.» The company insists that «consumer safety remains our top priority.» Therefore, «Samsung will ask all carriers and retail partners worldwide to stop selling and exchanging Galaxy Note 7 during the investigation.»

Samsung did everything but an official recall, instead advising «consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or a replacement Galaxy Note 7 device» to «turn off and stop using the device, and take advantage of available remedies.»

We advise you to trade your Galaxy Note 7 for a less risky alternative. However, if you prefer to take the money and run, you can also request a refund from your carrier. But then you will be stuck without a smartphone, which is far from ideal.

Smartphones shouldn’t explode, period.

It should be noted that the chances of exploding a Galaxy Note 7 in your pocket are negligible. Especially if you have one of the new handsets released during the exchange program. We know because the commenter on this article actually did the math to decide the odds

However, smartphones shouldn’t overheat, period. So while there are plenty of things statistically more likely than a Galaxy Note 7 exploding, it’s unacceptable that there’s even a small chance of it happening. So Samsung is doing the right thing here.

The good news is that Samsung phones are like buses, so there will be another one soon. And chances are that the next Samsung phone will be the Galaxy S8, which is scheduled to debut early next year. However, it is unlikely that the Galaxy Note 8 will ever appear. Of course. Correctly?

Do you have Galaxy Note 7? Are you following Samsung’s advice and looking for an exchange or refund? Do you think it was all overblown? Please let us know in the comments below!

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