Instapaper is a note-taking app. with a long history and dedicated followers. And after a couple of high-profile ownership changes, Instapaper is back on its own. What this means for the future of Instapaper is anyone’s guess.

A Brief History of Instapaper

Instapaper has a pretty interesting history. Instapaper was developed by Marco Arment who launched it in 2008. It quickly gained millions of users, and in 2013 Arment sold Instapaper to Betaworks. Then in 2016, Betaworks sold Instapaper to Pinterest.

Now, less than two years since Pinterest acquired Instapaper, the note-taking app is coming out on its own again. Pinterest is stepping aside as the people who have actually been working on the app since 2013 are making Instapaper independent again.

Instapaper regains its independence

On the Instapaper blog, the Instapaper team announced that «Pinterest has entered into an agreement to transfer ownership of Instapaper to Instant Paper, Inc.» It is «a new company owned and run by the same people who have been working on Instapaper ever since.» […] 2013″.

The team states that Instapaper «will continue to be built and maintained by the same people who have worked on Instapaper for the past five years» who will «continue to offer a robust service focused on readers and the reading experience for the foreseeable future.» «.

The change of ownership will happen in a few weeks, and Instapaper will notify users 21 days in advance. This is necessary in view of personal information. This is why Instapaper has not been available in Europe since the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018.

Making sure Instapaper is GDPR compliant will no doubt be a top priority for the new (old) team. Because Europe certainly represents a significant portion of Instapaper’s user base. After this has been fixed, who knows what the team has in store for Instapaper.

Instapaper Faces Hard Contest

Instapaper is just one of the few reading and reading apps. . Evernote, OneNote and Google Keep participate in the competition. However, those who use Instapaper want to see it succeed. And we hope that independence once again guarantees us a bright future.

Image credit: Johan Larsson / Flickr

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