HQ Trivia the quiz app that has been a big hit on iOS, is finally available on Android. The developers responsible for the app have been working for a while to make it available for Android and now it is finally available for everyone. Unfortunately, it is still in beta.

For the uninitiated HQ Trivia is a free quiz app where players answer a series of multiple choice questions. If you answer incorrectly, you are eliminated, but anyone who can answer all 12 questions correctly will be eligible for the prize pool. And, unlike Bitcoin, it is also real money.

Play HQ Quizzes on Android at the start

HQ Trivia debuted on iOS and proved to be an immediate hit. Keeping Android users interesting when they get their hands on the app. Now, after weeks of intense behind-the-scenes work, the developers HQ Trivia Finally released (in beta) the app on the Google Play Store.

Intermedia Labs released the Android version on New Year’s Eve. And now every day at 9:00 pm EST and weekdays at 3:00 pm ET. $18,000 was spent on New Year’s Eve, but in most cases the prize pool is much smaller. Now.

It takes part what matters

It is important to note that quiz HQ currently only available in the Early Access section. And as the app’s page on the Google Play Store makes clear, this means it «may be unstable.» However, if you want to take advantage of an app that’s under development, you can earn a few extra dollars.

Have you already played HQ Quizzes ? If so, what do you think of the concept? Have you already won the prize pool? Do you ever think Is it a sustainable business model? Do you see an increase in prize money in the future? Please let us know in the comments below!

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