Application gmail for iOS allows you to add multiple accounts Email, so when you want to switch to other accounts, it’s just a few taps away. With this feature, you can log into all your Gmail accounts in one app without logging in and out to read and send mail from others.

Switching to another account in the Gmail app is easy because your accounts are stored in the menu, the same place where you add other Gmail accounts.

These instructions apply to devices running iOS 11 or later and Gmail app version 5.0.181202 and later.

How to add additional accounts to the Gmail app for iOS

It’s rare to have one more email address. For example, you might have one for work and one for personal use. Maybe you have one for an extra gig. You can save all your email accounts in the app and save time. Here’s how.

  1. Open the Gmail app, then click your user icon in the top right corner of the app.

  2. Click Add another account then press gmail .

    You can add accounts from multiple email platforms. The procedure for this may be different.

    Adding another account to the Gmail app
  3. Click » Proceed», to confirm that you want to add a Gmail account. On the next screens, enter your email address and password. Then click » Further», to continue.

    Entering account credentials in the Gmail app
  4. The new account’s inbox opens. Repeat these steps for each account you want to add.

How to Access Multiple Accounts in Gmail for iOS

After setting up new accounts, you can switch between accounts at any time. To do this, tap your user’s icon in the upper right corner, and then tap the desired email address. This opens the mailbox for the second account.

Switching accounts in the Gmail app

Although you can view and view messages from only one account at a time, gmail app icon sums new messages across all configured accounts.

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